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Village Green Presevation Society (55066)
Managed by Doc martin
Club information
LocationGreater Manchester England
ArenaThe land of Idiot Bowl

Village Green Preservation Society is a team from the Greater Manchester region of England. They were champions of VI.527 in season 27 and are currently fighting for survival in V.152.

Team Ethos

Under Doc martin, the team have sought to attack the opposition at any opportunity. Crowds at The Land of Idiot Bowl are guaranteed goals from a blistering array of strikers and an incredibly porous defence.

The team take their name from the Kinks masterpiece of English nostalgia. The Land of Idiot Bowl is named after the land where the Phenomenal Cat lives. The team’s motto is Reservo vetus mores ex res probrum. Tutela novus mores, mih quod vobis. This translates badly as some words from the song The Village Green Preservation Society, Preserving the old ways from being abused. Protecting the new ways for me and you.

Team History

Season 25

Village Green Preservation Society played the last 8 matches of season 2 in div VI.527 A series of smash and grab raids saw them win all but 1 of their matches. The highlight was beating series winners and reigning champions Westhoughton Rovers stopping their chances of automatic promotion. Village Green Preservation Society rose from 8th place to finish a strong 3rd with 21 points, level on points but +29 on goal difference from Brutal RAC. Their top scorers were Owen Colson with 12 goals and Lachlan MacGrath with 10.

Season 26

VGPS’s first full season again saw them up against champions Westhoughton Rovers. Monkey Squad, who in finishing 2nd inflicted the only defeat on VGPS in season 27 were obvious favourites. Newcomers Stu’s Blues also provided a still challenge. VGPS suffered only two loses that season, both to the irresistible Monkey Squad. They finished 2nd with 31 points. Their top scorers were Thomas Börjesson with 12 goals and Owen Colson with 10.

Season 27

With Monkey Squad promoted and a bot taking their place, VGPS had Westhoughton Rovers, Stu’s Blues and providing competition. VGPS were unstoppable in season 27 becoming the first team to take a 100% record from div VI.527 for many seasons. Their top scorers were José Paulista with 21 goals, Thomas Börjesson with 20 and Owen Colson with 10.

Season 28

Automatic promotion to div V.152 has proved a challenge to the little team of Essex exiles in the rainy city. Unable to compete with their oppositions in terms of crowd numbers and purchasing power, they have had to resort to underhand tactics like researching the opposition, good football and blind luck to avoid relegation. Two wins again both Trickster FC and Ivybridge Rangers and 4 points against smithstuffers saw Preservation snatch 5th place on the final day of the season. The team ended up on 16 points with a -14 goal difference. Valdemar Overgaard top scored with 5 goals.

The playoff saw Emerald Snakes visit the Land Of Idiot Bowl. Snakes had won the 19th toughest Div.6 and it looked like an impossible task for plucky Village Green. Facing a much better midfield, an two deadly wings, Doc Martin sent out his team aking them just to do their best and to keep smiling. VGPS raced into a 2 goal lead even though Snakes had most of the play. The start of the 2nd half saw Preservation attack again and again, unable to get another goal. Two strikes in the 68 and 69th min drew Snakes level and it seemed that Green were going down. Snakes increased their dominance, but couldn't get past the arms of Andy Wheatley. Injury time saw Thomas Börjesson slot home to win the match and break the hearts of Emerald Snakes. Once again, the Land of Idiot Bowl will see Div.5 football.

Season 29

This was a tough season as div V.152's new arrivals proved much tougher than the departed sides. The only point came against Kalaan's Imperium, on paper the strongest team in the series. The team finished last with that single point and a -59 Goal Difference. They scored 5 goals and conceeded 64.

Season 30

VGPS started well in VI.733 with a win over the strong Zaff Blues.

Cup History

English Cup

VGPS were knocked out of the English cup in round two in seasons 26, 27, 28 and 29.

Friendly Cup

Mancunia Federation Cup - Finished 3rd in Group of 4

The International Fly - Finished as runners up

Mancunia Federation Cup '06 - Finished 3rd out of 6

Transfer Spending

VGPS maintain do not overspend in the tranfer market. While aiming to maintain a profit, they are down £21,718 after 95 tranfers.

Record signing is Glenn Bertram at £367,330

Record selling price is Dryden Metcalfe at £156,667

Current Squad

The Team's players have their own page.

Hall of Fame

Among the list of great players that have passed through the ranks are ...

José Paulista - with 21 goals, the Brazillian striker took a club record amount of goals in one season. He lost his spot in the squad to younger trainees. He was sold to Koskenmäen Arse for £32 667

Owen Colson - The club's alltime record goal scorer. His partnerships with McGrath and Börjesson brought in a steady tally of goals. In his later years with the club, his speed was untilised on the wing and even at wing-back. Ever usefull, he was eventually sold to Los Faraones F. for £19 333

Lachlan MacGrath - Lachlan was the spearhead of the team's attack for the first season and a half. A solid striker and midfielder he was a great addition to the the squad. After a dreadfull injury, VGPS were forced to offload him for £80 000 to H.F.C. buurman.

Peter Malone - Possibly the best youth pull to come from the team. Much loved but could not secure a regular starting place in the team. A solid playmaker with passable scoring and defending, he was sold to marsalle for £76 000

Dryden Metcalf - Dryden was playing for VGPS when Doc Martin took over. He was been used all over the field, being an almost permanent member of the first team squad. Metcalf spent some time in the Priory Clinic for his Sunny Delight addiction. Doc Martin cashed in on him in season 28, when Matsinhos paid £156,667 for the 21 year old. When he left he was a solid defender with passable winger and playmaking, formidable stamina and inadequate scoring.

Patrick Zechner - Brought in from ROVERSISSIMI in season 25 for £1,334. Before the arrival of Wheatley, Zechner contested the number 1 spot with Liard. Zechner left the club and has been employed as a body double for Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider 2 game.

Christiaan Rietema - An old head on old shoulders. Rietema spent the first 10 years of his life locked in the tower of a medieval castle watching Bobby Moore videos. He came from govinda united, costing £26,670. He formed part of the legendary Belgium Back 2.

Denis Brühwiler - Swiss Denis was brought up by a cuckoo clock and a Toblerone bar, Young Dennis first became interested in the beautiful game when as a teenager, Marc Hottinger visited his mountain. The midfield dynamo joined from from Vazeli for £1,337 and left for a sum of £148,000.

Rurik Paloheimo - When Fin Rurik saw his first car, he ran away crying. This crushed the dreams of his parents who wanted him to become a World Rally champion. At school, while all the other boys were practising their cornering drift, Rurik was alone in the playground playing football with the wall. Rurik still does not own a car and cycles from him house to the club. Having lacked friends at school and being self-righteous in his cycling has led him to being the most head-butted of the current team. He arrived at The Land of Idiot Bowl from fc naurupi for £6,677 and left for a fee well over £100,000.

James MacFeat - The legend said that when MacFeat leaves VGPS, The Land of Idiot Bowl will crumble. This is because his dad’s chip van is supporting the north stand. He was playing for the club from day 1, and although he saw better wingers come in, he has outlasted nearly all of them. Mainly because no bugger will buy him. He leftthe club in season 29 and so ar onyl three fans have been hit by falling concrete.

Diogo Machado - When Diogo arrived from Petrossian Espo for £29,334 he was recommended by Brazilian legend Bebeto over the phone to Doc martin. It was only after he arrived that the club found out he’s never seen a football. But he works hard, honest!! He left for a sum of £60,000.

Thomas Börjesson - Big Tom grew up in a commune near Stockholm. He spent his early years walking round a field pretending to be a reindeer. Under his tutelage, his team of beasts became the Swedish Reindeer football champions for 2 years running, the first time the feat had been achieved for nearly 30 years. When his time came to leave his home, he chose football over animals. A few years later he was bought from allby FC by Doc Martin for £6,670. He eventually left for £150,000.