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Esquatcho Mundo
Manager Bio
Manager ID (8414716)
Country: Oceania
Flag: Oceania
Region: Queensland
Fan Club: Esquatchos Crazies
Avatar: Esquatcho_Mundo
HT-Username: Esquatcho_Mundo
Team: Concordia Lagers
Concordia Lagers

Who is this man.... This enigma of time, space & coconuts? This bastion of blokey sexuality driving the women of hattrick wild?

Who really knows why he and his flaming goat have decided to maintain an ethereal relationship with this game called Hattrick?

All we know is his many roles and responsibilities, including the dual responsibility of being chief coconutter and inspector.... Oh and managing the Concordia Lagers

Many follow his travails and excesses publicly through the press releases on the Lagers front page. Often running from or creating trouble (sans pants), Esquatcho's shenanigans often sicken, sometime revolt but always entertain the angry mob.

Esquatcho has mentored many young hattrick players, some of whom have succeeded and some of whom have not (largely because they were dimwitted and didnt possess the necessary addictive personality required for a game such as Hattrick). However, he is noted for creating the beast that is NatTheRat1 through the Oceania mentoring programme. The frenzied posting fury of Nat has led to him becoming the most supported Oceanian, with poor old forgotten Esquatcho in a meagre 3rd. Indeed, this provides a classic case study of the student surpassing the master.

Esquatcho is famed for his 'Esquatcho's famous bookmarks' thread where a large list of hattrick related information is stored (albeit not updated as frequently as the masses would like). With the recent introduction of more bookmarks by the HT's, the importance of this resource has started to diminish. However, it remains a useful tool for the thousands of patriotic Fijians looking for that obscure reference when arguing on global or questions.

Esquatcho has been involved in both Oceanian U20 and National teams in various capacities. He hopes to run for manager one season when he has more time on his hands.

Esquatcho was recently involved in an episode of the OH show (Oceanian Hattrick Radio Show) revealing he got the squirts once after eating an extremely tasty KFC 'the double'. He is also the source of a regular oral meme concerning the pronunciation of his name, such as the recent feature: (Esquatcho Mundo Song). His OH show appearances shall continue.

The OH show can be listened to or downloaded at: (

Esquatcho partakes and/or has partaken in a wide range of federations. He is currently a member of The Alliance, Fiji and Friends, The GMC, Buy Oceanian, Global Playmaking Fed, Metalheads United, Heavy Metal (is the law) and (Akoso's) My Supporters.

Notable Federation activities include having been an instigator of Alliance Survivor, leading the coconuts to victory as the chief coconutter in the FaF, making it onto the GMC logo for god know what reason and generally lurking in the shadows everywhere else.

Esquatcho was also once interviewed for the Oceanian newspaper The Oceanian: (Issue 27)

The Oceanian archive can be found here: (The Oceanian Archive)

All allegations of improper relations with the form monkey are strongly disputed.


Big massive shoutouts to me supporters!

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Cheers to you all!

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