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Zambora (6878222)
User zambora.png
Manager of Cool For Cats (76810)
Manager Information
Language English
LocationVictoria Oceania
Joined 2007-08-18

zambora was an Oceanian manager of hattrick club Cool For Cats founded on August 18, 2007.

Zambora suddenly stopped logging into Hattrick on the 7 July 2012, the Oceanian community became concerned, and on 10 August 2012 after extensive searching, it has been discovered that Zambora has passed away.

This page is a tribute to Zam, for his great community spirit, and to ensure that there is always a record of his community spirit.


zambora was a member of the following alliances:

When a Friend Goes Missing

On 12 July 2012, `Fiji and Friends` member dave3889 noticed that zambora had not logged in for five days. This was uncharacteristic for him and people immediately started to worry. Zambora had been known to have health issues and people were curious to know if he was alright. After eight days, friends like ninefourfour and katsweetie had been attempting to contact him through previous methods of offline contact with no luck. Oceanian GM, GM-Cyntech also attempted to contact him but did not receive any response. After two weeks, his friends were really worried and were trying everything they could think of. Seb04 and keefer had also joined the search. It wasn't until keefer's repeated attempts to call zambora's phone number resulted in a disconnection notice on 9 August 2012 that sparked a different track of enquiry. It ended with the discovery of zambora's obituary on 10 August 2012 (printed by Melbourne's Herald Sun), and when someone contacted a relative, all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place. It was a disheartening end to the search, but at least the search was over.

His obituary can be found here. There is also an online Legacy guestbook here, which was made permanent by Charlie_Foxtrot


  • Oceania Cup - It's been suggested that the naming of the final week of the Oceania Cup be called the 'Zambora Memorial Round' in reference and tribute to zambora's desire to do well in the cup each season.
  • Fiji and Friends Tournament - A new tournament for federation members was crated called the Zambora Memorial Trophy in honour of Zambora, which will be held every season.
  • Herald Sun Guest Book - Charly_Foxtrot ensured that Zamobra's online legacy guestbook will stay online here


Zamboras 'Kool Kittens' played against Cambos 'CambosKids' on 49 occasions. The first match was on 19/8/2009, the last match on 4/7/2012.

"Over these last 3 years i would religously receive a HT mail from Zam every 3 weeks reminding me that our battle was due again.

This was a real rivalry and the results of each encounter were watched with interest. After trailling in the head-to-head, Zams Kittens won the last 4 matches and he went out a winner leading 25-24.

Every time I play a YA friendly from now on, I'll think of you Zam."