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Ferank is the owner of "de schoppende schurken". He is 17 years old and live's in the Netherlands. LOL! Did you see that? live's with an apostrophe! What a loser! Well, we all know he is, of course. It's not that much of a suprise. But still...

Lesson: the only apostrophes you'll ever use are to indicate possession or in abbreviations! Not in verbs...

de schoppende schurken

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de schoppende schurken was founded 29-12-2003 in the Dutch League. de schoppende schurken started in the league VIII.1009. After five seasons the club promoted to the V.77. Where it still is.


Season 16 cupround 3

Season 15 cupround 4, place 7 (V.77)

Season 14 cupround 1, place 1 (VI.586)

Season 13 cupround 4, place 5 (VI.586)

Season 12 no cup, place 1 (VII.319)

Season 11 no cup, place 1 (VIII.1009)

Season 10 no cup, place 3 (VIII.1009)