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Gunbutcher is the manager of the Dutch team Bulletpr0, named after Bulletpro (a team which has gone broke).

Gunbutcher, alias Gun, has started his Hattrick career at the age of 15, with the team called Bulletpro. The team went broke in 2005. In 2006 the second team, Bulletpr0 was created.

The dutch manager was introduced to this game by his uncle, the manager of MVKV, and some of his cousins (mistanmar, ronaldohno and others!) were playing it already too! It didn't took long before the manager infected other people with the hattrick-virus. His brother (brainiacz), girlfriend (Ajaxieten) and even his best friend (FC JOEGOPOWER) started playing the game soon!

In his personal life, gunbutcher has had some very busy periods. This was most of the time a big influence to the team. But somehow the team always made it. This team is blessed, and just made for the top!

Some other hattrick players saw that, and started to bond with Bulletpr0 and the manager. Some people would say it is far fetched to use the term, but I'd be glad to say I made friends within the hattrick community!