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Desert Amazons
Desert Amazons
Team Facts
Team ID: 1668782
Country:  Al Kuwayt
Region: Al Farwaniyah
Arena: Heavily Guarded Temple
Fan Club: Cohortes gladiatrix
Youth Academy: Silver Gyrfalcons
Youth Arena: Falco rusticolus Venatio Locus
Supporters: 213 (on 07/02/2010)
The Manager
Avatar: Hippolyta Avatar.jpg
HT-Username: Hippolyta
Gender: Female
Nationality:  Al Kuwayt
Joined: 05-02-2009
Prize Shelf

Desert Amazons is a Hattrick team based in Al Farwaniyah (Al Kuwayt). it was established on the 5th of May 2009 by Hippolyta.


Hippolyta is a Kuwaiti manager and the owner of Desert Amazons. She is also the founder of a great federation called Entertainment Lounge.

Entertainment Lounge

Entertainment Lounge is a federation for all types of entertainment with over 270 users from all over Hattrick enjoying their time their with cool discussions, fun games, and everything else.

U20 Al Kuwayt

Hippolyta was appointed as the U20 coach of Al Kuwayt in season 41 (Al Kuwayt season 13) after winning the elections.

Season Table

Global Season Al Kuwayt Season My Season Series Place Cup Round Promotion / Relegation
41 13 3 II.4 3rd (ongoing) Round 3 (Round of 32)
40 12 2 II.4 4th Round 4 (Round of 32)
39 11 1 II.4 4th Round 4 (Round of 16)


Heavily Guarded Temple
  • Name: Heavily Guarded Temple
  • Region: 'Al Farwaniyah
  • Capacity: 30000

  • Highest attendance: 27213
  • Lowest attendance: 975

Flag Collection


9 countries hosted
Iraq Andorra Belgium China Germany Spain Italy Hungary Netherlands


11 countries visited
Belgium Brunei China Denmark Germany Spain France Italy Luxembourg Netherlands

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