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HSF-Toshiba is the user id which belongs to Geert Smulders from Rosmalen, The Netherlands. Since he is a little child, he calls himself Mr. Toshiba Leigh, that's why Toshiba turns back into his loginname into Hattrick. His loginname is HSF-Toshiba, in his press reports he takes the role as General Director: Mr. Toshiba Leigh. Geert Smulders is born on the 2nd of March 1977 in 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands), but grew up in Rosmalen, where he has lived his whole life untill now.

Back in the days Geert Smulders was called Geertos. One of his big brothers began calling him Tosh instead of Geertos. Geert believed that Toshiba sounds more beautiful then Tosh, so he called himself Toshiba. To let him be more important, he put Mr. in front of his name. A name without a last name is incomplete, so he choose the last name of the actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. That's why he calls himself Mr. Toshiba Leigh.

He is the manager of RosmalennelamsoR

One of his favorite waste of time is photography. He is a member of a photoclub in Rosmalen. Fotoclub 't Spectrum in Rosmalen. He has also a lot of photos on a internetgallery called Zoomgallery. He often uses one of these pictures as a clublogo.


* Listening to music, especially Katie Melua.
* Chatting on MSN
* Being a soccer referee at a local soccerclub v.v. O.J.C. Rosmalen
* Hattrick
* Photography