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Personal Information
Full Name Ian_Rush
Country of origin Czech Republic Czech Republic
HT country Czech Republic , Wales
User ID (10436271)
1st Club Czech Republic Redspool FC
2nd Club Wales Dragonbreath FC

Ian Rush is Czech manager of hattrick team Redspool FC. He came to Hattrick in 29.12.2005 but team was closed in Spring 2010 for unactivity. Re-start manage was 25.3.2010 but at the end of the same year team was closed again. From 31.1.2011 manager found team Redspool FC and now he saying: "Finaly we go !"

6.5.2013 Hattrick is given the chance to lead the second team. Ian Rush founded Dragonbreath FC at Cymru.

14.7.2015 Elected as U-20 coach in Czech Republic Czech Republic.