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LongCat is a Belgian manager. He is 21 years old and lives in West-Flanders. His team is Yellow Red Emelgem and plays in the VII.79 series.

His first name was HBF-Joske, where 'HBF' was standing for Hattrick Belgium Federation. That was a federation in which he was very active. But when this federation was disbanded he decided to change his name into ZF-Korpiklaani. 'ZF' was standing for 'Zever Federatie' while Korpiklaani is a Finnish metal band of which he is fan. After that he was known by the name Moria, which off course is also a metal band. His last name, King_Of_The_Dust, was some stupid name he picked up from a movie.


LongCat also has another bad habit (besides changing his name). Every season he tries to become elected as coach of the national squad even though he knows he will probably never succeed. The first time he tried was in October 2008 when he tried to become U-20 coach. He finished 23th with only 4 votes. The next time was in February 2009. Unfortunately he couldn't be very active due to illness and the result was pretty logical: Not in the top-30 and less than 3 votes. But LongCat didn't give up and came back in May 2009 and managed to finish 7th with 30 votes.


   * Het Antwoord Genootschap: A group of people trying to help the HT-community.
   * HT-Suriname: Here he wants to help the Surinamese NT/U20.
   * Hattrick Organizer Community: LongCat is only a member of this federation to discover new things about HO to be able to keep the manual up-to-date.