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Lee_253CA (13227109)
Manager of Fùtbol Club de PUR
Manager Information
Gender Male
Language English, German & Italian
LocationTrentino Alto Adige Italia
Joined 18-04-2016
Favourite team Juventus & FC PUR
Manager Career
Best Result VI division
International Career U-20 Qatar
WC XXV - Scout
U-20 Campodia
WC XXVI - Scout
U-20 Benin
WC XXIX - Assistant Coach
U-20 Singapore
U-21 Singapore
WC 1; WC 2 - Assistant Coach

Lee_253CA (13227109), better known as Lee_QdM, is the manager of Fùtbol Club de PUR (1730654), an Italian team, and the current assistant coach of Singapore U-21.



On 18th April 2016 he founded his team.

International Career

Lee_253CA started his career as a scout from Qatar and then from Cambodia, with his "shoulder" O4k_253CA.

After these brief but intense experiences, together with his staff he took over the Benin U-20, becoming coach for two consecutive terms. On the occasion of the Swedish World Cup XXVIII, he dragged the team one step away from Round 3, thus winning the hearts of many local users.

From March 29, 2019 to October 28, 2019 he is coach of Singapore U-20 national team, after being elected with 11 votes (11 / 16). At the U-20 World Cup XXIX in Kazakhstan, he takes Singapore U-20 to Round 2.

From 24th September 2019 to 28th October 2019 he held the role of assistant coach for Benin U-20.

He was also elected for the next term (12 / 15), taking Singapore to the World Cup XXX two rounds ahead.

On February 07 2020, Lee_253CA's team sets the Singapore U-20's points record in the Qualifiers (36 points).

From 8th June 2020 to 11th April 2022 he held the role of assistant coach for Singapore U-21.


  • co-Founder in Singapore U20/NT Supporter

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