Balla coi Gufi

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Balla coi Gufi
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Club information
Full name Balla coi Gufi
Nickname macao
Country Italy
Founded 13/12/2002
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Division V.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG
Ground Rocc'alata, Valle d'Aosta
(Capacity 90,000)
Memorable moments
13/12/2007 Team celebrated 5 years with the same owner
13/12/2012 Team celebrated 10 years with the same owner
13/12/2017 Team celebrated 15 years with the same owner

Balla coi Gufi is a club of Valle d'Aosta.

One of the oldest clubs in Italy, he played for seven seasons in Serie A (g.s. 30-36).


The club adventure begins in the Italian third division. In season 29, after winning the second division, they gain an historical promotion to Serie A.

The following year Balla coi Gufi finished second in the tier series, but the highest point is the semi-finals of Italian cup, which makes this one of the best seasons for the team. Great credit for this success goes to Rino Di Liberto, a forward raised in the club and for many years pivotal for the whole team's strategy; with 414 goal remains one of the most prolific Italian scorers.

Season League Cup Others
75 1st in VI.143 4th round Coppa Mediterraneo
74 2nd in VI.143 3th round
73 6th in VI.143 2th round
72 8th in V.22 2th round
71 7th in IV.21 5th round
70 1st in IV.21 5th round
69 2nd in IV.21 10th round
68 2nd in IV.21 8th round
67 3rd in IV.21 9th round
66 3rd in IV.21 7th round
65 4th in IV.21 4th round
64 7th in III.14 8th round
63 4th in III.14 6th round
62 4th in III.14 4th round
61 3rd in III.14 7th round
60 6th in III.14 7th round
59 3rd in III.14 th round
58 2nd in III.14 6th round
57 2nd in III.14 8th round
56 1st in V.206 6th round
55 2nd in IV.25 10th round
54 6th in IV.25 6th round
53 3rd in IV.25 8th round
52 3rd in IV.25 6th round
51 6th in IV.25 4th round
50 1st in V.206 8th round
49 4th in V.206 3rd round
48 1st in VI.681 4th round
47 2nd in VI.681 1st round
46 7th in V.161 2nd round
45 7th in IV.12 5th round
44 8th in III.6 6th round
43 6th in III.6 2nd round
42 5th in III.6 5th round
41 5th in III.6 8th round
40 3rd in III.6 6th round
39 5th in II.3 7th round
38 6th in II.3 9th round
37 4th in II.3 5th round
36 6th in Serie A 13th round
35 3rd in Serie A 7th round
34 2nd in Serie A 14th round
33 4th in Serie A 13th round
32 5th in Serie A 9th round
31 4th in Serie A 6th round
30 2nd in Serie A 8th round
29 1st in II.1 13th round
28 2nd in II.1 11th round
27 2nd in II.1 9th round
26 3rd in II.1 11th round
25 2nd in II.1 11th round
24 5th in II.1 9th round
23 1st in III.11 10th round
22 3rd in III.11 7th round
21 2nd in III.11 7th round
20 1st in IV.12 8th round
19 2nd in IV.12 6th round
18 2nd in IV.12 5th round