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manchris87 (525710)
Manager of A.C.MILAN1987
Manager Information
Gender Male
LocationAbruzzo Italia
Joined 05-08-2003
Manager Career
Best Result III series
International Career NT Italia coach
U-20 Pilipinas coach

manchris87 is manager of A.C.MILAN1987.
He was Italia national team coach from 14-11-2007 to 24-06-2008 succeding to Laurentius2004. Then he was elected U-20 Pilipinas Coach two times.


Achievements: 20 / 31
Points: 444 / 998

National Hero 14-11-2007. Elected coach of NT Italia team. 
Headmaster of the nation 14-10-2008. Elected coach of U-20 Pilipinas team.