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McDrops (3153052)
Manager of SV Bruch (647043)
Manager Information
Real nameMarc
Gender male
Language German
Joined 07-29-2005

McDrops is a German user managing SV Bruch (647043). He managed the U20-team of Deutschland at U-20 World Cup XIII and won it.

Main information

Team: SV Bruch
Country: Deutschland
Region: Niedersachsen
Starting date: 27.07.2005

Trophies: 8

  • X.232 Champion (season 27)
  • VIII.342 Champion (season 29)
  • VII.830 Champion (season 30)
  • VI.537 Champion (season 33)
  • V.153 Champion (season 36)
  • IV.34 Champion (season 40)
  • U20 World Cup Champion (season 40)
  • III.15 Champion (season 42)

Member of Unelitäre erfolgsgeile Kinder 06/05

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