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Touted by many as a tactical mastermind,this relatively young manager is seen by many as the saviour of HT, both globally and in Ireland. He has risen from V to II in less than 3 years of management, the first of which was spent in obscurity. He has been begged on numerous occasions to become either NT or U20 manager of his country. It was widely believed he whould step in when Ireland's answer to Bobby Robson (GM-TyrantQ) vacated the post, however, he succumbed to National pressure during the recent U20 elections and eventually entered the race on the Friday, giving himself only a few days to win the publics vote. This proved to be sufficient time though, as he secured a staggering 40.2% of the vote. How will he fair out? Only time will tell my darlings....

He has achieved the unusual feat of being voted both HT's favourite manager, and HT's most annoying manager. You either hate him or love him it seems! Known for his thought provoking threads on "Non-HT Global", and his staunch defence of all things Irish on "Global Football", he has endeared himself to audiences far and wide. His footballing philosophy has been summed up by the equation: O'Shea>Gerrard.

He prides himself on being the worlds premier winger trainer and has introduced such household names as Francie Furlong and Ian Murphy to the HT Ireland NT set up via the Caherlistrane Minors and it's fantastic youth academy.

He is also a core member of HT Ireland's infamous "Rat Pack", which includes (among others): Flynner, pmchugh, ickyt and tapay. He also has a firm alliance to the "Footstar" game, where he is Leinster and Ireland U21 star winger Robbie Michelangeli. In fact, he holds the record for most Irish U21 caps which at the time of print stood at 32.

He received 4 offical awards at the HT Ireland End of Season Awards ceremony:

  • Most Talkative
  • Joint Funniest
  • Joint "Member I would most like to meet"
  • Player statement for Peter Gallagher's quote

He was also nominated for many, many others.

In his spare time he enjoys watching Fr. Ted and, as a result is the founding member of HT's coolest federation: "Ted Fed" [1].