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nonkelvladimir is the manager of KV Reunited.


Nonkelvladimir is no longer a member in any federation. He must join The Federation of Extraordinary Gentlemen again as soon as possible!
He is a former Minister-President of The FEG.

Update: Nonkelvladimir has rejoined The Federation of Extraordinary Gentlemen. So everything is ok now!

Hattrick Masters[edit]

nonkelvladimir took up the job of covering the Hattrick Masters tournament in season 38. HT Masters XI was his first edition. He managed to achieve something not too many living people can say: receive a compliment from Catalyst2950:

"12583131.176: Catalyst2950 Hattrick Supporter » #172: nonkelvladimir Hattrick Supporter

They should have made you the official HM reporter..."

Encouraged, nonkelvlad also covered the XIIth edition.

He then tried to apply for the position of "Official HT Masters Reporter", like it existed in the old days, but was redirected to HT Press Since HM XII, the time was too short for more HM articles, unfortunately.


nonkelvladimir focussed on another initiative, the Belgian HTLN (HT Laatste Nieuws) magazine about the U-20 team. It started as some joking posts on the Belgian conference, then got its own pdf-version, with great help of manager Krimo. You can find it here: 13050544.1

After HTLN disappeared into the archives, it was revived by new enthousiastic HT-journalists SamsonRuelens and Bullet_Rain: 13691766.1

Flute Virtuoso[edit]

In real life, nonkelvladimir is a well known virtuoso and ambassador of the flute. His amazing technique and circular breathing abilities made of him a renowned international flute-soloist. He is world famous for his performing of the Dutch folk song "In mijn Holletje", of which he made an astonishing technical arrangement.