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· Nederlands ·

Pamfluit is the owner of the Belgian hattrick team Redbull Football Team.

This team currently plays in VII.371.

He keeps himself busy mostly on the federations. He first joined the Master & Apprentice Federation and found it quite amusing. He was more and more on the forum and then joined the more active In hart en nieren and Sealand federations for more spamming and playing games. There he made some friends and now he made his own federation called GameSpamFed. This federation is new, and is still growing. It is a place for a lot of fun and games.


 * Oprichter in GameSpamFed
 * Aangespoelde Drenkeling in Sealand
 * zeveraar in ZeverFed
 * Dorpsidioot op niveau in In hart en nieren
 * Lid in United Football Organization
 * Gamer in Gamers Federatie
 * Gamemaster in Master & Apprentice Federation