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paquebot (10323449)
Team: AS Uijeongbu 07
Joined: 2010-02-13
Gender: Male
Language: English

paquebot is the manager of AS Uijeongbu 07 in Hanguk. He started playing Hattrick in February 2010 after hearing about the game on a forum dedicated to Korean football. paquebot is perhaps best known for his kit designs, many of which are included in the section below. He is also the founder of the Hattrick Asia Champions Cup.


Club Teams

Ɓorussia Đortmund FC Nigeria Ɓorussia Đortmund FC Nigeria Super Warriors FC Nigeria Misanto Rangers (H) Nigeria Misanto Rangers (A) Nigeria
Borussia Dortmund N home.png Borussia Dortmund N away.png Super warriors fc a.PNG Misanto Rangers h.PNG Misanto Rangers away.png
Dùnedain of the North Cape Verde Dùnedain of the North Cape Verde
Dùnedain of the North-h.png Dùnedain of the North-a.png

National Teams

Benin U20 (H) Benin Benin U20 (A) Benin Tounes U20 (H) Tunisia
U20 Benin h.png U20 Benin a.png Tounes NT (Memorial).png


Central America & the Caribbean

Club Teams

Darul Uloom (H) Trinidad & Tobago C.S.D. Municipal (H) Guatemala
Darul Uloom home.png Club Xelajú MC home.png

South America

Club Teams

Atlético Bizancio (H) Chile Atlético Bizancio (A) Chile FC Woermaribo (H) Suriname FC Woermaribo (A) Suriname Los Mejores Fútbol Club Brazil Los Mejores Fútbol Club Brazil
Atlético Bizancio home.png Atlético Bizancio away.png Woer 00.PNG Woer 01.PNG Los-mejores-h1.png Los-mejores-a1.png
FBC Piérola (H) Peru
FBC Piérola.png

National Teams

Peru NT (H) Peru Peru NT (A) Peru
Peru nt home.png Peru nt away.png

North America

Club Teams

Hellfish United FC (H) Canada Hellfish United FC (A) Canada North Kilttown (H) Canada North Kilttown (A) Canada Sam Steele FC (H) Canada Moffat Trees (H) Canada
Hellfish United h.PNG Hellfish away.png North kilttown bagpipes.png North kilttown.PNG Sam steele fc.PNG Moffat.PNG
Galácticos Club de F. Mexico Volente Roadrunners USA Volente Roadrunners USA Seminole Wind (H) USA
Galácticos Club de Fútbol away.png Volente roadrunners h.png Volente roadrunners a.png Hongkong nike.png
Hervé Villechaize A-Go USA Hervé Villechaize A-Go USA New York City Owls USA New York City Owls USA Riverside Raiders (H) USA Riverside Raiders (A) USA
Herve 00.PNG Herve 01.PNG New york city owls home.png New york city owls away.png Riverside Raiders Home.png Riverside Raiders Away.png
Swamp Donkeys FC (H) USA Swamp Donkeys FC (A) USA Mistfits (H) USA Mistfits (H) USA Saxmen FC (H) USA Saxmen FC (A) USA
Swamp Donkeys 00.PNG Welsh donkey.PNG Mistfit home.PNG Mistfit away.PNG Saxmen h.PNG Saxmen a.PNG
Clearwater United (H) USA Clearwater United (A) USA Flock of Pugs (H) USA Flock of Pugs (A) USA Fairfax County SC (3) USA Treacherous Villains USA
Clearwater 00.PNG Clearwater 01.PNG Pugs 00.PNG Pugs 01.PNG Fairfax County SC h.png Tre vill.PNG

National Teams

Usa nt.PNG


West Asia

Club Teams

Tactical Assassins (H) Bahrain Tactical Assassins (A) Bahrain
Tactical Assassins Home.png Tactical Assassins Away.png

National Teams

Dawlat Qatar U20 (H) Qatar Dawlat Qatar U20 (A) Qatar Suriyah U20 (H) Syria
Qatar u20 home.png Qatar u20 away.png Syria.PNG

Central & South Asia

Club Teams

FHC WhiteWolves (H) Uzbekistan FHC WhiteWolves (A) Uzbekistan Talented Teens Maldives RSGC (H) India Bangalore Tigers (H) India Bangalore Tigers (A) India
FHC WhiteWolves.png FHC WhiteWolves2.png Talented teens.PNG Rsgc.PNG Bangalore tigers h.png Bangalore tigers a.png
Mighty Karak Chai FC India Mighty Karak Chai FC India
Mkcfc-s54-h1.png Mkcfc-s54-a1.png

National Teams

Dhivehi Raajje U20 (H) Maldives Dhivehi Raajje U20 (A) Maldives
Dhivehi Raajje 00.PNG Dhivehi Raajje 01.PNG

East & Southeast Asia

Changklan Academicals Thailand Changklan Academicals Thailand Bulacan FC Philippines Bulacan FC Philippines Phnom Penh City FC Kampuchea Phnom Penh City FC Kampuchea
Changklan2 home.PNG Changklan2 away.PNG Bulacan 00.PNG Bulacan 01.PNG Phnom Penh City Football Club home.PNG Phnom penh away.PNG
FC Chimpanzee Kampuchea Kick it Until it Breaks (H) Japan Songbuk Cylons (H) South Korea Songbuk Cylons (A) South Korea AS Uijeongbu 07 (H) South Korea AS Uijeongbu 07 (A) South Korea
FC Chimpanzee.PNG Kick it until it breaks.png| Songbuk 00.PNG Songbuk 01.PNG Au7 S50 H.png Au7 S50 A.png
Gwangju Blaze FC (H) South Korea Gwangju Blaze FC (A) South Korea Dynamo Dalin (H) Taiwan Ajax KLM (H) Malaysia Ajax KLM (A) Malaysia
Gwangju fc home1.png Gwangju fc away.png Cerezo osaka h.png

National Teams

Hong Kong (H) Hong Kong Hong Kong (A) Hong Kong Hong Kong U20 (H) Hong Kong Hong Kong U20 (A) Hong Kong
Hongkong nike.png Hong Kong Away.png Hong Kong U20 home.png Hong Kong U20 away.png


Bridge Bandits (H) Oceania Bridge Bandits (A) Oceania Casula United (H) Oceania Casula United (A) Oceania Geelong Vipers (H) Oceania Geelong Vipers (A) Oceania
Bridge bandits h.PNG Bridge bandits away o.png Casula United h.png Casula United a.png Geelong vipers home.PNG Geelong Vipers (away).PNG
Cyclones FC (H) Oceania Cyclones FC (A) Oceania Bondi 1893 (H) Oceania Bondi 1893 (A) Oceania Mofs Utd (H) Oceania Mofs Utd (A) Oceania
Cyclones FC home.PNG Cyclones FC away.PNG Bondi 00.PNG Bondi 01.PNG Mofs h.PNG Mofs a.PNG
Sporting Clube Victoria Oceania Sporting Clube Victoria Oceania Banzat (H) Oceania Banzat (A) Oceania Sera's Angels (H) Oceania Sera's Angels (A) Oceania
Sporting clube victoria.PNG Sporting clube victoria away.PNG Banzat home.PNG Banzat away.PNG Sera's Angels - West Sydney Wanderers.png Sera's Angels - West Sydney Wanderers - A.png
Sera's Angels (H) Oceania Randomisers (H) Oceania Randomisers (A) Oceania Lysdexic Untied (H) Oceania Juniper Hill (H) Oceania Juniper Hill (A) Oceania
Sera's Angels h.png Randomisers h.PNG Randomisers a.PNG Lysdexic untied home.PNG Juniper 00.PNG Juniper 01.PNG
Tygas (A) Oceania Newton Numbats (H) Oceania Newton Numbats (A) Oceania Mariana Islands FC (H) Guam Mariana Islands FC (A) Guam
Tygas away.png Numbats 00.PNG Numbats 01.PNG Northern Marianas Islands Away.png Northern Marianas Islands Home.png


Western Europe

Little Bridge F.C. (H) France Little Bridge F.C. (A) France Ben's Frogs (H) France Ben's Frogs (A) France ForzaJody (H) Belgium ForzaJody (A) Belgium
Shakhtar City home.png Shakhtar City away.png Bens Frogs 00.PNG Bens Frogs 01.PNG ForzaJody home.png ForzaJody away.png
Nagoya Grampus Eight Netherlands Nagoya Grampus Eight Netherlands Arsene's Green Fingers Netherlands Arsene's Green Fingers Netherlands Rosetec FC (H) Netherlands FC Xelcius (H) Netherlands
Nagoya home.PNG Nagoya away.PNG Arsene's Green Fingers.png Arsene's green fingers away.png Rosetec fc pink.png Xelcius.PNG
Vitoria Gammaraes Netherlands The Dublin Metros (H) Spain The Dublin Metros Spain The Dublin Metros Spain The Dublin Metros Spain The Dublin Metros Spain
Vitoria Gammaraes h.PNG The dublin metros gaa dublin home.png Seanc30.png Dublin metros away 2.png Dublin metros.PNG Dublin metros a.PNG
realmadrid21 (H) Spain realmadrid21 (A) Spain
Realmadrid21 home.png Realmadrid21 away.png

Central Europe

Kraken Gdańsk (H) Poland Kraken Gdańsk (A) Poland Baltic Typhoon F.C. Germany Baltic Typhoon F.C. Germany Wissmannhof FK 09 Germany Wissmannhof FK 09 Germany
Kraken Gdansk new Home.png Kraken Gdansk H.png Ptt rayong h.png Ptt rayong a.png Wissmannhof FK 09 h.png Wissmannhof FK 09 a.png
Philadelphia Union Germany SC La Paloma (H) Germany SC La Paloma (A) Germany
Philadelphia-union-handball.png SC La Paloma home (Germany).png SC La Paloma away (Germany).png
Horus Falcons (H) Czech Republic Horus Falcons (A) Czech Republic FC Prague Slivers (H) Czech Republic FC Prague Slivers (A) Czech Republic FC Rünenberg (H) Switzerland FC Rünenberg (A) Switzerland
Horus home.PNG Horus away.PNG Slivers home.PNG Slivers away.PNG FC Rünenberg home.jpg FC Rünenberg away.png
atletico furticchio Italy Máriagyűd F.C. (H) Hungary Máriagyűd F.C. (A) Hungary
Cerezo osaka h.png Mariagyud home.png Mariagyud away.png

Southern Europe

PAS Aheron (H) Greece PAS Aheron (A) Greece Shadow Lions (H) Romania FC Torpedo Dobrich Bulgaria Kobasi (H) Serbia Kobasi (A) Serbia
Aheron 00.PNG Aheron 01.PNG Shadow lions fc.PNG FC Torpedo Dobrich.png Kobasi 00.PNG Kobasi 01.PNG
F.K. Revolucija (H) Serbia F.K. Revolucija (A) Serbia F.K. Revolucija (H) Serbia F.K. Revolucija (A) Serbia FC High Voltage (H) Serbia FC High Voltage (A) Serbia
Revo 00.PNG Revo 01.PNG Revolucija 2 home.png Revolucija 2 away.png Volt h.PNG Volt a.PNG
FC Orthodox 05 Nis (H) Serbia FC Orthodox 05 Nis (A) Serbia Orson (H) Bosnia & Herzegovina Orson (A) Bosnia & Herzegovina AS Tigres (H) Slovenia AS Tigres (A) Slovenia
FC Orthodox 05 Nis Home.png FC Orthodox 05 Nis Away.png Orson home.PNG Orson away.PNG Tigres home.PNG Tigres away.PNG

Northern Europe

Fc WildCats (H) Estonia Fc WildCats (A) Estonia Fluffy White Bunnies Estonia Kalannaamat United Finland Klaukkala Bears (H) Finland Klaukkala Bears (A) Finland
Fc WildCats h.png Fc wildcats away.png Fluffy White Bunnies H.PNG Kalannaamat United h.png Klaukkala Bears 1.PNG Klaukkala Bears 2.PNG
FC Västerås Roosters Sweden FC Västerås Roosters Sweden Stone Island (H) Sweden Rising Vikings Sweden Rising Vikings Sweden
FC Västerås Roosters Home.png FC Västerås Roosters away.png Stone island home.png Blankaholms bolltrollare h.PNG Blankaholms bolltrollare a.PNG
Vikingene (H) Norway Vikingene (A) Norway Moss Kickers (H) Norway
Ping h.PNG Ping a.PNG Moss Kickers.PNG
Wing Command (H) Faroe Islands Wing Command (A) Faroe Islands The Lost Saxons (H) Faroe Islands The Lost Saxons (A) Faroe Islands
Wing command.PNG Wing-commanders-away.png Lost Saxons Home.png Lost Saxons Away.png
BK Centrum (H) Denmark BK Centrum (A) Denmark Mors drenge (H) Denmark Mors drenge (A) Denmark
Bk centrum home.png Bk centrum away.png Mors 00.PNG Mors 01.PNG

British Isles + Ireland

Club Teams

Monrawell (A) Scotland FC MiLocou (H) Scotland Dowie's XI (H) Scotland Clydemuir FC (H) Scotland Clydemuir FC (A) Scotland the hoss' hatchet men Scotland
Monrawell away.png FC MiLocou h.PNG Dowie 11.PNG Clydemuir FC.PNG Clydemuir FC0.PNG Hatchet men.PNG
Drumkee Thunder (H) Northern Ireland Drumkee Thunder (A) Northern Ireland Royal FC Bruges Republic of Ireland
Drumkee Thunder h.PNG Drumkee thunder away.PNG Royal Football Club Bruges A.png
Risk & Reward (A) England Southwick Meerkats England Southwick Meerkats England Twelve Hawks United England Crossfire Hurricane (H) England Crossfire Hurricane (A) England
Risk reward.PNG Southwick Meerkats h.png Southwick Meerkats a.png 12 hawks away.png Crossfire hurricane home.PNG Crossfire hurricane away.PNG
Gillinham Rejects (H) England Gillinham Rejects (A) England Must Do Better (H) England Must Do Better (A) England Stratocaster Blasters England Stratocaster Blasters England
Gillinham Rejects 00.PNG Gillinham Rejects 01.PNG Mdb 00.PNG Mdb 01.PNG Le special away.PNG Le special phoenix.PNG
Suits & Sandwiches England SOTV (H) England SOTV (A) England Nick's Nobody's (H) England JuliuscaesarAGY (H) England JuliuscaesarAGY (A) England
Suits&sandwiches.PNG Sotv home.PNG Sotv away.PNG Nicks nobodys.PNG Julius caesar agy.PNG Agy away.PNG
Eintracht Mind (H) England Eintracht Mind (A) England JuJu Hand (H) England 24 Carrow Gold (H) England 24 Carrow Gold (A) England Identity Shakers (A) England
Eintracht mind home.PNG Eintracht mind away.PNG JuJu Hand (Home).PNG 24carrow 00.PNG 24carrow 01.PNG Identity racing.png
Identity Shakers (H) England Identity Shakers (A) England Identity Shakers (H) England Identity Shakers (A) England Identity Shakers (H) England Identity Shakers (A) England
Identity sky 2.PNG ID Shaker 02.PNG Id shaker 03.PNG Id shaker 04.PNG ID Shaker 00.PNG ID Shaker 01.PNG
Windson Dynamic (H) England Windson Dynamic (A) England Ville Warriors (H) England Pork City (H) England Pork City (A) England Hadley Rangers (H) England
Windson 00.PNG Windson 01.PNG Ville warriors.PNG Pork City 00.PNG Pork City 01.PNG Hadley.PNG
Super Squadron (H) England Super Squadron (A) England Surrey Warriors (H) England Hapoel Brocolli (H) England Wildebears (H) England Claret City FC (H) England
Supersquad 00.PNG Supersquad 01.PNG Warriors.PNG Hapoel broccoli.PNG Wildebears.PNG Claret city fc.PNG
The London Tricolor England The London Tricolor England
London Tricolor home.png London Tricolor away.png

National Teams

Scotland U20 (H) Scotland Scotland U20 (A) Scotland North. Ireland U20 (A) Northern Ireland
Scotland u20 home.PNG Ecosse u20.PNG Northern ireland u20 away.PNG

Others / Unused

Chungju Hummel (H) South Korea Chungju Hummel (A) South Korea Gyeongju Citizen (H) South Korea Gyeongju Citizen (A) South Korea ASEC Mimosas (H) Ivory Coast ASEC Mimosas (A) Ivory Coast
Chungju h.png Chungju a.png Gyeongju h.png Gyeongju 2013 Away.png Mimosas h.png Mimosas a.png
Laos NT
Laos j.png

'Pacific Series'


Torres Strait Islands (H) Torres Strait Islands (A) Vanuatu: Pentecost (H) Vanuatu: Pentecost (A) Vanuatu: Ambryn (H) Vanuatu: Epi District (H)
Torres Strait Islands Home.png Torres Strait Islands Away.png Vanuatu - Pentecost - Home.png Vanuatu - Pentecost - Away.png Vanuatu - Ambryn - Home.png Vanuatu - Epi - Home.png
Timor Leste (H) Timor Leste (A)
Timor leste h.png Timor leste a.png


FSM: Yap (H) FSM: Yap (A) Kiribati (H) Kiribati (A) Marshall Islands (H) Marshall Islands (A)
Yap Home.png Yap Away.png Kiribati Home.png Kiribati Away.png Marshall Islands Home.png Marshall Islands Away.png
Nauru (H) Nauru (A) N. Mariana Islands (H) N. Mariana Islands (A) Palau (H) Palau (A)
Nauru Home.png Nauru Away.png Northern Marianas Islands Home.png Northern Marianas Islands Away.png Palau Home.png Palau Away.png
FSM: Kosrae (H) FSM: Kosrae (A)
Kosrae home1.png Kosrae away1.png


Cook Islands (H) Cook Islands (A) Kingdom of Tonga (H) Kingdom of Tonga (A) Midway (H) Midway (A)
Cook Islands Home.png Cook Islands Away.png Tonga Home.png Tonga Away.png Midway Home.png Midway Away.png
Tuvalu (H) Tuvalu (A) Wallis & Futuna (H) Wallis & Futuna (A) Marquesas Islands (H) Marquesas Islands (A)
Tuvalu Home.png Tuvalu Away.png Wallis Futuna Home.png Wallis Futuna Away.png Marquesas Islands Home.png Marquesas Islands Away.png
Rapa Nui (H) Rapa Nui (A) Austral Islands (H) Austral Islands (A)
Rapa Nui Home.png Rapa Nui away.png Austral islands h.png Austral islands a.png

Other Pacific Islands

Bonin Islands (H) Bonin Islands (A)
Bonin Islands Home.png Bonin Islands Away.png