From Hattrick

Raz14 has been through a lot in this game. He has ran for NT twice, once for U20. People seem to support him sometimes, but some say he is just a clown. They say he is not serious about anything. In exchange, he stood up for himself every time. He never let go of a thing until he prooved himself right/wrong.


Apparently he is from Detroit, Michigan and he likes to rap (obviously, he's from Detroit ;)). He is a Michigan Wolverine fan. He loves soccer. He's of a Romanian nationality. He was born there and came in USA in 2004. He likes to be the center of attention and he also likes to be cool with people. He's a helpful person but he also likes to ask for help if he does not understand something or if he likes to know something.


The first time he joined this game, he came with a team named Detroit AEK. He renamed it to FC Poli Timishoara later due to his favorite team, Poli Timisoara from Romania. He ran his first time for NT and he only got 2 votes. He mostly got more popularity from those elections. He lost his team later due to bancrupcy. A few days later, another user by the name of Raz15 joined the game. In the beginning he denied everything of having to do with Raz14. He changed his username to WWEMATT hoping that nobody would discover him. He finnaly confessed and chose his new username the same as his old one "Raz14".