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This is a football team ran by the one and only SEG-Mattheus. But it's also a spiritual organisation led by their magnificent leader. (SEG-Mattheus, in case you couldn't figure that one out).

Mr. Theus

SEG-Mattheus first entered Hattrick like 7 years ago, but everytime he finally promoted out of the lower classes in Belgium he lost his team due to unforced errors.

He is also now as Gert, Bobbie, Bobje, Mattheus, BFU-Mattheus-, BFU-SEG-Mattheus-Gay- and so on, all thanks to this very special person: Deus-.

He was the Founder of the Samson en Gert federation (SEG).

Just like on of the greatest legends hattrick has ever know, one of his idols nonetheless, apart from Jesus, Hayerisator, he doesn't care about the success of the team, but he's into hattrick for the community. Although he usually doesn't care about what you are saying, he does try to reply to it. I'm Superserial!


And he is pretty sexy.