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The correct title of this page is SinnerZ. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

Logo of Insomniacz
Team Facts
Team ID : 113127
Country : Indonesia
Region : Samarinda
Arena : St. Mery Stadium
Fan Club: : Nocturnal Beings
YA : Nocturnal Insomniacz Football Academy
The Owner - Manager
Username : SinnerZ
Gender : Male
Age : old enough lol
Nationality : Indonesian
Language : English, Indonesian
Joined Hattrick : Sept 20th 2008
Favourite RL Team : AC Milan
Avatar of SinnerZ


SinnerZ is an Indonesian Hattrick player who started playing the game back in 2003. He quitted his previous team, Damnation SinnerZ Football Club after 4 years of playing, before rejoining Hattrick on late September 2008. His team is currently playing in II.4 after being promoted from III.7 on Season 27.

Rumour has it that SinnerZ could spend days without sleeping, hence the name of his team: Insomniacz.