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SoichiroArima is an Italian manager since 2006 and owner of Real Cotechino since 2008 (re-establish in 2012).

Career as manager

I play Hattrick since 2006 , when still a student I joined Hattrick not knowing it would be the game that I played for the longest time in my entire life.

For reasons of time I had to abandon the original team in early 2011 and then re-establish the glorious "Real Cotechino" in 2012, from then on my passion for the game is always increased and many were the satisfaction and fun (certainly also some disappointment, but it's part of the game!).

I wish good Hattrick to all!

Career as developer

I am an Italian computer engineer. My work consist in software creation and computer systems management and I always wanted to make a tool that would be useful to me and perhaps to some other game user. I hope I have succeeded in my objective with my Hattrick Scorer Application.

In 2016 I thought very about a CHPP product: Hattrick Scorer because every sale of a player's "historic" of my team I was wondering how it was important for the team he was.

And what is more important to score lots of goals and be compared with other big players of the team?
From this idea I started developing my tool, which I hope will be useful or at least fun to use.

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