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Suriberg (10242530)
Manager of Sula De Gunsi (793922)
Manager Information
Real nameMarcus Berger (34)
Gender Male
Language Dutch
Joined 20-01-2010
Favourite team FC Groningen
Suriberg is the manager of Sula De Gunsi, since 20/01/2010. Sula De Gunsi is a Surinamese club that is playing in the Hoofdklasse.

In his periode as manager of Sula De Gunsi he has won several Trophies. The most important trophies are;

- 1x Champion Hoofdklasse

- 3x Cup winner SVB Beker

He also was the National Team Coach of Suriname during World Cup XVII.

Country info: Suriname, Surinamese competitions: Hoofdklasse, SVB Beker