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Vjmargaren is an Italian user. His team is Campobasso Calcio, and he's famous for some reasons in the italian community. He is also called vj, Cj*, margarina by his hattrick friends

The Team

He started in the IX series, season 26. After three seasons, where he couldn't understand so well the rules of the game, Campobasso Calcio passed in VIII, and he really began to play hattrick, meeting new friends and learning something from them, thanks to the federation and the community. Currently (season 37) he's in VII series, and he made his record playing the Cup, lasting until the seventh round

The Legend Cj*

After some time, he tried to make some of good from his team, and for some reasons not so explicated, one day, time and time ago, he was called Cj* by his nearest hattrick friends, especially in the LOH federation where he's one of the Princes. The ' * ' means that he's like a newbie.

The National Team

He tried to become the Italian coach some time ago, in the Italian elections for World Cup X, with good final results (ninth place in the final standings). He also helped the work of the Jamaican coach in the past seasons, and he's always active to help some nationals team (or U20) when needed.

The Community

He's famous in the italian community for some threads. We remember the thread "Bidet", "Female Neighbour", "MaxDelFigo troubles", "Allagation with females", and so on.