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ZF-LaHallaKingZoo is one of the most known players in Hattrick. Not only because he is the creater of all Dark Particles that keep the world moving, but also because he has the total control over the MatchEngine..besides this ZF-LaHallakingZoo has reach more things inside Hattrick that will be announced soon here.

ZF-LaHallaKingZoo is hated and banned for live by Sealand. They hated and banned him because they cannot stand the powers he has. As punishment ZF-LaHallaKingZoo revised the ME and punished some of the squads of the Sealand Members. one of the biggest loses was 6-1 lose against a botteam. This match will soon be published here.

Favorite Quotes: Ibrahim Abrusi Afillasih Duruhbah, Durk and Broodje Kippenmelk