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I made a mistake, I'm fixing it right now, I'm changing the category to Vissha Liga, with a capital L.

Ah ok, I didn't know about the capital letters, I only based my change on the way the serie is written in HT. Well anyway I'll leave it to you then since you are Bulgarian. :) Well you can make a category, by just putting a category tag in one or more pages e.g. put category:newcategory between those brackets on a clubpage. And then you can go to the page: Category:newcategory and add a text saying here you can find the clubs. I hope you understand it, I find it quite difficult to explain. For more help you can click help on the left. Good luck!

Renaming is not possible I think because normally a lot of pages will have to be auto-changed in that case. With Wiki such mistakes normaly will be repaired by some active user. :) - User:Susande

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Please take a look at Hattrick:Administrators. --ukelele 14:47, 30 September 2006 (UTC)