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Santos Coritiba Futebol Clube

I will not stop adding the team information back to the HT-wiki. After the next attempt to permanently delete information from the wiki I will protect the page. If you want to you can decide what kind of information is displayed of your team, but I will not allow the removing of the team page completely from HT-wiki without a very good reason. --Jhattara 06:24, 4 June 2007 (UTC)

Bruno Bezerra

According to HT-wiki policy only remarkable players can have a page of their own. Otherwise we could have millions and millions of pages with details on not so significant players. The information about Bruno Bezerra is still in the HT-wiki. It's just in the place it should be in, the team page, not on a page of his own. --Jhattara 08:38, 7 June 2007 (UTC)

Santos Coritiba Futebol Clube

If you would've wanted to co-operate you could've kept editing the page. I just can not accept the complete removal of a page about a team that still plays in Hattrick. If you want to edit the information I can unprotect the page. Or you can post the changes into the team's talk page. But the next removal of the team page would force me to use harsher measures. --Jhattara 08:41, 7 June 2007 (UTC)

I will unprotect the page. Thanks for the list. I will go through that and if there are other non-remarkable players there I will move the information to an appropriate place and delete the pages. Note that couple of those, namely User:-Cyclops-/Mats Engin and User:Wyatt/Peter Wyatt are not on the list of those to be checked as they are in a sub-folder. One part of the policy I always do not remember, but if you put the players in a sub-folder, eg. Santos Coritiba Futebol Clube/Bruno Bezerra, I will not remove them. Some of those pages have been made before I started to check the recently changed pages and the policies were formed. Some of those are already marked for deletion and will be removed in due time. When I get time I will again reduce the number of articles in the ARD list by removing the pages longest marked for deletion. Sorry for any inconvinience I've caused you. --Jhattara 19:17, 7 June 2007 (UTC)