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Season 15 (League Champions: Iowa Heroes(71587))[edit]

Every team in the series was generated when the USA expanded from 4 to 5 divisions at the beginning of season 15. A naming quirk allowed two teams to be created with identical names: Iowa Heroes(71587) and Iowa Heroes(71591). The former Iowa Heroes clinched the first series championship in week 13 with a 3-1 over Indiana Gladiators. (1465992) Seattle Pharaos slipped past a slumping West Virginia Panthers in the last two weeks to finish 2nd. New York Heroes' Darrin Prado won the golden boot with 12 goals, which remains the lowest ever league leading goal total. Iowa Heroes(71587) went on to face Salmon For All in the qualifier in which they were beaten convincingly 5-0. (1600645)

Cup: Only 5 teams from the series qualified for the cup. Iowa Heroes(71587) and West Virginia both were defeated at home in the first round. The other 3 teams won their first round games, with Maine Wolves notching the first road cup win in series history. (1504700) All three teams would lose their 2nd round games at home.

Season 16 (League Champions: Iowa Heroes(71587))[edit]

Iowa Heroes(71587) and Seattle Pharaos ran away with the competition this season. Iowa Heroes(71587) again clinched the championship in week 13 with a 1-0 victory over Florida Eagles. (2144201) Seattle Pharaos and Iowa Heroes(71587) would play in the final match of the season which Seattle won (2144205) but the only significance was to deny Iowa Heroes(71587) the perfect season. Willard Paquette from Iowa Heroes(71587) scored 16 goals to take the series golden boot. Iowa Heroes(71587) auto-promoted to IV.18 but were replaced by a user team before they played their first game.

Cup: This season 6 teams from the series qualified for the cup and none of them would advance out of the first round. Iowa Heroes(71587) would show well in a scrappy 1-0 road loss to Starry Vecks (2351826) but the other 5 would all lose at home by mostly embarrassing scorelines.

Season 17 (League Champions: L.A. United)[edit]

L.A. United was established along with 7 other user teams just before the final game of season 17. It was almost entirely a matter of which bot team you replaced that determined the finishing places for season 17. L.A. United replaced league leaders Indiana Gladiators who had compiled a record of 11 wins and 2 losses and were in the middle of a 9-game winning streak when they were replaced. L.A. United had only to win their one and only game of season 17 to clinch the championship, which they did by defeating fellow newcomers Possums 2-1. (3334121) Also created in this first group of 8 user teams were future champions The Lancers and long time series residents Vice City Magyars. The Lancers would have the good fortune to replace Seattle Pharaos who had amassed 31 points which was already good enough to clinch second place. The Lancers would lose their inaugural game against Lawndogs 5-1 (3334122) but would still finish as series runners up. Never has a team been so clearly robbed of a championship as Indiana Gladiators were this season. ???golden boot???

Cup: 4 teams qualified for the cup this season and all would be out by the second round. Indiana Gladiators and Seattle Pharaos both lost their 2nd round home games, and were the only two teams from the series to make it that far. Indiana Gladiators lost 5-1 to Team Spork, who would later advance to the Major League and play there for 5 seasons.

Season 18 (League Champions: L.A. United)[edit]

With the previous season's table largely meaningless this season was wide open. the sideshow and Vice City Magyars performed well, but L.A. United would earn their first real championship with a perfect season. They were particularly dominant in a 6-2 win over the sideshow in the season's 10th week. (4597691) L.A.'s Emmett Miller scored 21 goals to take the series golden boot. They auto-promoted to IV.62 where they had a tough time and finished 7th. The team would win another division V championship in season 20, but folded after season 21 following another disappointing showing in division IV.

Cup: Again 5 teams qualified for the cup, and only Possums would win their first round game and advance to the second round. Possums were destroyed at home by 9-0 by FC Zeljeznicar. (4850538) Possums would fold soon after and be replaced in the series by the sideshow.

Season 19 (League champions: the sideshow)[edit]

In season 18 the sideshow had finished a satisfying 2nd place but could not take all the credit, as they had inherited 5 games and 9 points from Possums who folded mid-season. With the dominant L.A. United out of the way it was the sideshow's big opportunity. Their sternest test would come from Glass Jars, an experienced team who had been demoted from IV.41. The two teams would meet in the first game of the season and battle to a 3-3 draw. (5550767) Glass Jars would have a two point lead going into the final game of the season, but the sideshow won 4-2 at home to claim the championship. (5550822) Leonard Swan would score a brace in that game giving him a total of 18 goals on the season, good enough for the series golden boot. the sideshow auto-promoted to IV.63 where they have completed 8 seasons finishing as high as 2nd place. Division VI was created this season, so the threat of demotion came into the series dynamics. 6th place Albany Highlanders beat Oklahoma Gurus 6-0 for the right to stay up. (7295802) Likewise 5th place Mesa Wanderers demolished Kansas Samurais 10 - 0 to keep their place. (7296028)

Cup: This was a breakout season for V.176 in the cup mostly due to the addition of division VI. All 8 teams would qualify for the cup and all 8 would win their first round games. 7 teams would advance as far as the 3rd round. But the longest cup run would belong to Glass Jars who would advance to the 6th round. Their 5th round 8-1 win over Logic remains one of the greatest cup victories for a series V.176 team. (6949554)

Season 20 (League champions: Glass Jars)[edit]

The power vacuum left by the sideshow would be filled by the likely suspects in season 20: Glass Jars and The Lancers. Both teams defeated the other 6 teams in the series home and away, so the series championship would come down to head to head competition between the two. The Lancers won at home 3-1 (8339242) and Glass Jars won at home 4-0. (8339281) The two finished with 39 points, but Glass Jars had a far superior goal difference of +71 to The Lancers +59.

Glass Jars auto-promoted to IV.41 but lasted only one season before demotion back to division V. Two more seasons in V.171 would end with demotion to division VI. After winning promotion back to division V, the team folded. Glass Jar's owner, however, started a new club under the same name several years later, in season 31. The new Glass Jars team is currently competing in V.115.

V.176 teams again performed admirably in the relegation qualifiers. The brand new Hustlers & Ballers won their qualifier 3-0 over Iowa Gurus (9973690) and The Lost Art of Dribbling (which finished the season as Netzer Redivivus) beat out Seattle Lions 4-1. (9973440) Pablo Varcarcel from The Lancers tallied 18 goals to take the golden boot.

Cup: Glass Jars would again carry the V.176 banner in the cup, though they would not reach the 6th round. They produced a convincing 6-1 4th round victory over ToDaMax (9441751) and were unlucky to lose at home 4-3 to Rompifiers on a golden goal. (9478565) The Lancers also advanced as far as the 4th round. The rest of the V.176 participants were out by then.

Season 21 (League champions: The Lancers)[edit]

When champions are promoted out of a series it's always a ray of sunshine for those left behind. Both The Lancers and Vice City Magyars had been in V.176 since the original introduction of user teams, and their experience made them favorites. While Vice City amassed a respectable 36 points, The Lancers were almost perfect. The won their first 13 games and only dropped the final game of the season to DaAmericans. (11066851) But by that point the series had already been decided. The Lancers beat Vice City twice: 3-1 (11066759) and 3-0. (11066834) The Lancers auto-promoted to IV.25 where they played 4 more seasons, highlighted by a series championship in season 23. However after being relegated following season 25 The Lancers chose to fold rather than return to division V. The same two teams faced relegation qualifiers as the season before: Hustlers & Ballers and The Lost Art of Dribbling. The Lost Art of Dribbling eased by Colorado Indians 2-1 (14055660) and Hustlers & Ballers pounded Mississippi Gladiators 5-1 (14055533) to keep V.176's perfect relegation qualifier record alive. Vice City Magyar's Danny Brownlee would began his reign as V.176 goal scoring king this season by winning the series golden boot with 18 goals.

Cup: With Glass Jars no longer around the series had a decent but uninspiring showing in the cup. The Lancers and Vice City both made it to the 4th round and DaAmericans and Hustlers & Ballers were both eliminated in the 3rd round.

Season 22 (League champions: Flairs FC)[edit]

With The Lancers gone on to division IV the series hoped that the team that would come down would be easier to deal with. What they got was Flairs FC. Vice City had high hopes that they would be next in line for the championship, but Flairs would make a statement from the beginning. The first match of the season pitted Vice City and Flairs, and Flairs would take a convincing 3-0 victory at home. (17288301) When the final game of the season arrived both teams were tied on 32 points but Flairs held the better goal difference by one goal. But Vice City were playing at home. In one of the truly great series-deciding matches Flairs FC won the game 3-1. (17288357) The close finish meant Flairs FC had a qualifier to play, and they didn't have enough gas left in the tank. Against Picts they lost 4-0 (18655103) and had to look forward to another season in V.176. Again Hustlers & Ballers faced a relegation qualifier, but this time their luck ran out. A tough 2-1 loss to Lost Sanctum Guardians sent them to division VI. (18655308) Hustlers & Ballers would return to division V after only one season and went on to win two division V championships. 5th place finisher man utdFL had no such trouble, beating Dallas Texans 86 Red 5-0. (18655601) Vice City's Danny Brownlee would again claim the series golden boot with 20 goals.

Cup: Aside from Flairs FC's 5th round run no other team was able to make an impact in the cup. Only two other teams managed to make it to the 3rd round. Flairs were very unlucky to go out in the 5th round to Evil Beavers by a score of 4-3. (17649983)

Season 23 (League champions: Flairs FC)[edit]

With Flairs FC's failure to go up to division IV it was to be expected that they and Vice City would be the top two contenders for the title. Despite a perfect start Flairs showed some vulnerability in midseason by drawing (22545017) and losing (22545024) consecutive games to man utdFL. But Vice City would drop enough points that Flairs FC was able to clinch their second straight title in week 13 with an 8-0 mauling of fc Dschingeskhan. (22545044) Vice City was able to take some measure of revenge by beating Flairs in the final, but meaningless, game of the season 4-1. (22545048) The suprising man utdFL would finish 3rd. Again Flairs FC would face the qualifier, and again they would lose. Gryndal deservedly bested them by a score of 3-1. (24484460) Mesa Wanderers would easily win their relegation qualifier over Boston Spartans 9-0. (24484863) Newcomers Hydriplex_13's would also beat John's Annihilators in their qualifier 4-1 to stay up. (24484572) In the series golden boot race Danny Brownlee would be beaten out by his Vice City teammate Christian Kyle who scored 21 goals to claim the honor.

Cup: In addition to winning a second straight series title, Flairs FC would also provide the fireworks in the cup. They advanced to the 7th round, a new record for a V.176 team. In the 5th round they faced Nutmegs, the same team that had eliminated Lubbock Brand by defeating them 2-0 in the 3rd round. (22944180) Flairs FC were able to exact V.176 revenge by beating them 2-0. (23145306) In the 6th round Flairs FC produced a cup win for the ages as they beat American powerhouse Shaolin Landfills 2-1. (23246658) The Landfills were in division II at the time, but since then they have spent more than 10 seasons in the Major League. Flairs faced another juggernaut in the seventh round in Major League side Drunk&Disorderly. The Flairs dream run finally ended with a tough 5-0 loss to the former cup winners. (23349390)

Season 24 (League champions: Flairs FC)[edit]

From the very beginning of the season there was no doubt that Flairs FC would be champions for a third time. They opened the season with a 3-1 win over their main competitor Vice City Magyars (29181988) and never looked back. Like The Lancers in season 21 Flairs would win their first 13 games and see no reason to compete in the meaningless last game of the season. Also like The Lancers, Flairs lost that game to Vice City 3-1 which denied them the perfect season. (29182043) But 39 points was enough to auto-promote to division IV and avoid the qualifier. Flairs FC spent 2 seasons in IV.7 and after relegation in season 26 the team folded rather than return to division V. In the relgation qualifiers V.176 would continue their excellent record. Newcomers Jack A Roo massacred Michigan Kickers 9-0 (31605175) and the short-lived u-11 Raptors beat Maine Babylonians 2-0. (31604803) The series golden boot battle was again between Vice City's Danny Brownlee and Christian Kyle. Brownlee would score 22 goals to take his 3rd award in 4 seasons.

Cup: Cup magicians Flairs FC were shocked when their cup run ended in the 2nd round with a 5-1 loss to NC Eagles. (29591704) The result was representative of the poor performance of the entire series in the cup. Only two teams would make it to the 3rd round where they were soundly defeated.

Season 25 (League champions: Lubbock Brand)[edit]

After 3 consecutive seasons of finishing second to Flairs FC, Vice City Magyars must have thought their time had come at last with Flairs out of the way. Mesa Wanderers and Lubbock Brand had both been around for a few seasons and had been finishing mid-table, but neither of them seemed like a real threat to Vice City's championship aspirations. Mesa Wanderers underacheived in the first half of the season and folded after week 9. That left Lubbock Brand to challenge Vice City. Both teams had perfect 5-0 records going into their first meeting of the season. The tight match ended with a 2-2 draw. (36859885) Vice City would be shocked the very next week by upstarts Tormented with another 2-2 draw (36859889) and drop 2 precious points to Lubbock. The last and decisive match for the title between Lubbock and Vice City would be a 6-1 blowout victory for the Brand. (36859896) Lubbock wouldn't slip up the rest of the season and would clinch the title in week 13 with a 4-0 road win over Jack A Roo. (36859911) Their near-perfect total of 40 points was good enough for auto-promotion to division IV. Lubbock would only last one season in IV.10, but won another division V championship to bounce right back again to division IV. Despite finishing 2nd for the 4th consecutive season Vice City again had the consolation of having Danny Brownlee win his 4th series golden boot award, this time with a whopping 30 goals, the highest ever single season total. Christian Kyle again finished 2nd to Brownlee. 5th place finisher Tormented won their relegation qualifier 6-2 against Kansas Bears. (39666263) For only the second time ever a V.176 team lost a relegation qualifier as FC Hartford lost out to DesiSomoses 5-1. (39666128)

Cup: Lubbock Brand produced the best cup run this season. After 4 impressive victories they would eventually lose to division II side Mascots by a respectable scoreline of 2-0. (37767306) No other team from the series made it past round 3.

Season 26 (League champions: FC Cheesecake)[edit]

The series would get two new high quality teams: FC Cheesecake from division IV and Goaltenders from division VI. Existing series teams Vice City Magyars, Jack A Roo, and Cedar Park Hounds would be dominated by the new pair and would have to be content to compete for third place. Vice City put up a brave fight, playing FC Cheesecake to a 0-0 draw in the first match of the season. (45592259) But the next week Vice City would lose 2-1 to Goaltenders (45592265) and wouldn't be able to recover to make a credible title challenge. Goaltenders and FC Cheesecake met in week 3, with Cheesecake managing a 1-0 win. (45592270) Both teams would go undefeated until their next meeting in week 12 which ended in a 1-1 draw. (45592303) Neither team would slip up in their last two games, giving the title to FC Cheesecake by 1 point. Their performance was just good enough for auto-promotion, so FC Cheesecake left V.176 after only one season. In what was becoming a Vice City tradition by this point, Danny Brownlee again won the series golden boot with 15 goals. 5th place finisher Cedar Park Hounds managed to stay up by dismissing scotsdoonsouth 9-0. (48807191) 6th place Tormented was not so lucky, as they went down 4-0 to jackals. (48806863)

Cup: Only FC Cheesecake, Goaltenders, and Jack A Roo would make it to the 3rd round of the cup, and all three would be eliminated there. With such important series matches coming very early in the season, it seemed that teams preferred to focus their energy on the series and worry less about the cup.

Season 27 (League champions: Cedar Park Hounds)[edit]

The balance of power in the series would shift yet again before season 27. FC Cheesecake had gone on to division IV. Goaltenders abandoned their team after their first match of the season, a tough 5-1 loss to newcomers from division IV Aquacadet Squadron Delta. (55518065) Aquacadet looked like a very tough team, as did jackals who had come up from division VI. Perennail bridesmaid Vice City Magyars would also be a contender. Aquacadet and jackals would produce a tough 0-0 draw in the season's second week. (55518073) Vice City won their first 4 matches, but would lose a heartbreaker to Aquacadet 1-0. (55518099) Aquacadet looked like they were on their way to the title, but suffered shock back to back losses to Cedar Park Hounds by scorelines of 3-1 (55518114) and 1-0. (55518130) Cedar Park would win their next 6 matches to finish the series on an 8 match winning streak. Aquacadet remained close, and it wasn't until the final match that Cedar Park clinched the title with a 2-0 victory over jackals. (55518159) Cedar Park would be out of their league in their qualifier against Royale Realm FC. They lost the match 3-2 despite Royale Realm FC having two players ejected. (58813071) Danny Brownlee won his 6th series golden boot award with 14 goals. V.176 would again prove a tough series to enter from below. Jack A Roo had finished 5th, and kept their place by beating Massachusetts FC 6-0. (58813605) 6th place finisher Lucas Builders Inc. would have an equally easy time with South Carolina Panthers whom they defeated 8-0. (58813367)

Cup: Another medicore showing for V.176 in the cup. Aquacadet Squadron Delta advanced to the 4th round where they were elminiated by Aviators 3-1. (56343984) All other teams in the series had been eliminated by the 3rd round.

Season 28 (League champions: Cedar Park Hounds)[edit]

The series showed remarkable stability this season as 6 of 8 teams from the previous season returned. The top two from season 27 asserted their dominance in the first half of the season. Cedar Park Hounds beat Aquacadet Squadron Delta in the first game of the season 3-1 (66506064) to take an early lead in the title race. But Cedar Park would slip up in a 3-0 loss to jackals (66506080) which gave Aquacadet the chance to pull even on points. Aquacadet slipped up and dropped two important points by way of a 1-1 draw with Jack A Roo (66506105) but the two series giants remained on course for a series-deciding final match of the season to be played at Aquabania Arena. The final match was a tense affair that ended in a 2-2 draw (66506119) but that was good enough for Cedar Park Hounds to clinch their second straight V.176 title. Cedar Park Hounds' 37 points were good enough for auto-promotion to division IV. Despite arriving midseason and only appearing in 9 league games, Cedar Park Hounds' Robert Johansson ran away with the series golden boot with 18 goals. V.176 teams again won both relegation qualifiers: Vice City Magyars spanked Pennsylvania Conquerors 5-0 (70203851) and jackals beat Mecca 7-0. (70203721)

Cup: Aquacadet Squadron Delta agained carried the banner for V.176, and again were eliminated in the 4th round. They went down fighting in a very tight 1-0 loss to division IV side BayArea. (67454047) Every other team in the series had been eliminated by the 3rd round.