V.250 (USA)

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USA's V.250 is one of USA's most consistently competitive V's, finishing in the top half of all Vs in series strength for the past eight seasons, three of which were top 20 finishes. V.250 houses five users that have been playing Hattrick for over 8 seasons, which leads to some interesting tactical choices in each match. It is very rare for any V.250 winner to do poorly in IV, due to the utter power of the top half of the league bracket. V.250 also has a fairly active conference, in which the users from past and current V.250 teams weigh in with their predictions for each week. The series generally is decided with the last week of play, and during this last week the top teams generally place in the top 10 weekly Hatstats ratings. Due to the competitive nature of the league, it is very rare to auto-promote out of V.250. It is very difficult to survive in V.250 by promotion, since the top 6 spots in the league are all occupied by active, seasoned teams. Survival in V.250 requires lots of activity, tactical creativity, and very strong attack ratings.