V.9 (USA)

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The series V.9 is a lower-level series in the USA soccer hierarchy. It was created when the league expanded in season 15. The most notable club to rise out of V.9 was G's Goons, who rose all the way to Major League, winning 3 Major League titles.

Past Champions[edit]

Season Team Current status
15 G's Goons defunct
16 Razorbacks defunct
17 Stefsalot's Crushers defunct
18 AC Weezer defunct
19 Royal Oak Swedes defunct
20 Sibirien FC defunct
21 Skkunks V.115
22 Industriales V.22
23 GOOOOAAALLL! defunct
24 Columbia Cougars II.1
25 Gramen FC (now Iron Lions of Zion) V.9
26 RedHot Chili Peppers V.150
27 Colorado Crush IV.15
28 RedHot Chili Peppers V.150
29 VfB Terminator IV.13
30 The Gunslingers VI.299
31 Nitramonia Fgs IV.30
32 Fort Wayne Wanderers IV.33
33 Bayern Munich F.C. IV.39
34 South Sound SoulCatchers IV.2
35 South Sound SoulCatchers IV.2
36 BoundToWin IV.8