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The VI.1016 was Slovenijas best rated sixth-tier league. Its history began in local Season 12 (Global season 27), when Rudar Krško became the first champion. The "modern" history of the league started in local Season 24 (GS 39) when the league started rapidly to rise the ranks due to the fact, that a group of friends took over all 8 clubs. Although some of the clubs have changed in recent past, the VI.1016 was one of the few low-tier leagues with full occupancy. Another speciality of the league was the same location of all teams - the region Murska Sobota.

Golden Era Teams

Map showing the location of the teams in the Murska Sobota region
Club Stadium Capacity Fate
NK Meteršpricar Püčel Arena 75,000 Active; playing in III.4
Hraščice c.f. Main Trafford 70,000 Active; playing in III.7
Dehteči podplati Arena dr. Antona Smrduhe 70,000 Active; playing in III.3
NK Turnišče Turnišče Arena 70,000 Active; playing in II.2
nk dečkeci Arena dečkecov 19,100 Disbanded
FC Galex - vojna Minsko polje 32,000 Disbanded
NK Radenska II Stadion 34,000 Active; playing in V.125
NK Here for Beer Stadion Zorana Njiva 12,000 Disbanded

Pre-golden era champions

Season (Global) Winner Top Scorer Goals
1 (27) Rudar Krško Ken Tasič Slovenia (Rudar Krško) 11
2 (28) Udarnik Kranj Pietro Claudio Rocchi Italy (Svoboda Postojna) 9
3 (29) Udarnik Kranj Krištof Erent Slovenia (Sokol Novo Mesto) 11
4 (30) Sokol Novo Mesto Pietro Claudio Rocchi Italy (Svoboda Postojna) 9
5 (31) Slavija Prevalje Luka Erjavec Slovenia (Slavija Trbovlje) 7
6 (32) Rudar Krško Mitja Kuzmič Slovenia (Rudar Krško) 6
7 (33) Udarnik Kranj Zoki Malačič Slovenia (Slavija Trbovlje) 6
8 (34) Rudar Krško Bogomir Galič Slovenia (Rudar Krško) 10
9 (35) Sokol Novo Mesto Željko Brezec Slovenia (Enotnost Kočevje) 7
10 (36) Sokol Novo Mesto Vladimir Salmič Slovenia (Rudar Krško) 10
11 (37) NK RUTI Benjamin Kosten Slovenia (FC Moscow) 11
12 (38) FC Moscow Gert Binzer Germany (FC Moscow) 10

Golden era champions

Season (Global) Winner Top Scorer Goals
13 (39) Hraščice c.f. Matej Lep Slovenia (Hraščice c.f.) 9
14 (40) Hraščice c.f. Francisco Agustín Campbell Argentina (Logičar FC) 12
15 (41) Hraščice c.f. Vicente Santillán Mexico (FC Galex - vojna) 20
16 (42) Logičar FC John Forster England (Logičar FC) 12
17 (43) Logičar FC John Forster England (Logičar FC) 11
18 (44) Pohandrek FC Adam Russek Poland (Hraščice c.f.) 18
19 (45) Pohandrek FC Luis Domingo Ibarluce Spain (Hraščice c.f.) 16
20 (46) NK Meteršpricar Luis Domingo Ibarluce Spain (Hraščice c.f.) 17
21 (47) Hraščice c.f. Luis Domingo Ibarluce Spain (Hraščice c.f.) 18
22 (48) Dehteči podplati Giancarlo Nerpidi Argentina (Dehteči podplati) 24
23 (49) NK Turnišče Waldemar Dryla Poland (nk Pijovci) 22

Post-golden era champions

Season (Global) Winner Top Scorer Goals
24 (50) NK ArseTeam Waldemar Dryla Poland (nk Pijovci) 21
25 (51) nk Pijovci Waldemar Dryla Poland (nk Pijovci) 18
26 (52) FK Idrje Mihai Oroş Romania (FK Idrje) 24
27 (53) NK Radenska II Rado Volf Slovenia (NK Radenska II) 20
28 (54) NK Zalooog Matjaž Kosem Slovenia (NK Zalooog) 14