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The Vemon Youth League is an international youth league. It is contested between the academy sides of eight teams.


The league was founded in 2007 when youth academies and leagues were legalized as Venom Youth League. In it's first season, the league consisted of 16 teams from various countries across the globe. The league's first season was viewed as a success with all teams actively participating. However, after the first season, with some academies choosing to disband, the league lost it's sponsorship and thus the league was downsized to eight teams and the league name was changed to the Venom Youth League.

Current Participants

The following are the current members of the Venom Youth League as of May 05, 2008:

  • USA Long Island Strike Academy
  • USA Willamette Valley Academy
  • England Red Star Colts
  • Belgium Schrewsbury Academy
  • USA Cheba United
  • USA HiPk
  • USA Chops in Progress
  • USA Soldarian FC

Past Results

Season 1

Position Team Pts GP
1st Willamette Valley Academy 85 30
2nd Schrewsbury Academy 67 30
3rd Chops in Progress 64 30
4th Red Star Colts 60 30
5th Real Vancouver Juniors 55 30
6th Fort Smith Juniors 52 30
7th Sedgefield Road Rovers 51 30
8th Long Island Strike Academy 49 30
9th Hampton Paladins 46 30
10th Cheba United 46 30
11th Soldarian FC 34 30
12th SSA Tornado 25 30
13th Orgnin's Elite 22 30
14th Orean Youth 19 30
15th Baby Easy Life 17 30
16th Revena Academy 5 30

Season 2

Position Team Pts GP
1st Willamette Valley Academy 39 14
2nd Chops in Progress 31 14
3rd Red Star Colts 25 14
4th Soldarian FC 19 14
5th Cheba United 15 14
6th Long Island Strike Academy 15 14
7th Baby Easy Life 14 14
8th Schrewsbury Academy 7 14