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VfL Bålsta is a Swedish hattrick club founded on February 1 2003 by ronnieh. They struggled in their starting series, Sweden VII.43, for five seasons before things started happening. Since then the team has managed to move up to the swedish fifth division and has managed to win it once.

Important moments

VfL Bålsta has had some moments that were more important than the rest of them. For instance, the undefeated season in the swedish sixth division. The team did not lose a single point during that season and for the first time it got promoted to the swedish fifth division with an actual chance of doing well. The following season VfL Bålsta went on to win V.211 in Sweden, which is the biggest accomplishment so far in the history of the club.

Top players

During the life of the club, a few players have managed to stand out just a bit more than others. Some of them have even managed to do it by impressing with their abilities on the field. From the beginning, there were Daniel Piltorp, Kaleel Al-Ismail and Mats Heren. These were the big stars of the early VfL Bålsta seasons. Since then their contributions to the team have been eclipsed by the first actual trained players of the club, Manuel Cifuentes and Tomas Sunesson. Both were too old from the beginning, but were trained in playmaking when the switch to serious training was made. Jopie van Nistelrooij, the dutch wonder, received training from an age of 17 and reached titanic playmaking before he was sold. Jopie had an amazing last season in the club and was a major contributor to that seasons div. V win.

The biggest star in VfL Bålsta history has to be Martin Hyborg. Being a VfL Bålsta youth pull, he has stayed in the club and recieved training and is now considered the backbone of the team. Alongside him you can count on seeing Melvin Nederhult, one of the first real trainees bought by VfL Bålsta.

Anders Orenen would probably be considered one of Bålstas top players of all time considering he has scored more goals for the club, 90, than anyone else. Nowadays it is a tough call between naming him a top player and considering him to be the most notorious player in VfL Bålsta history. Orenen got moved down to the second squad when his skills were no longer strong enough to justify play in the current division the club was playing in. He became bitter and developed a severe drinking problem, carefully documented in a lot of press releases. He was, however, the first player to be given a place in the VfL Bålsta hall of fame, which is a big honour and a huge acknowledgement from the club. Also, VfL Bålstas home ground, Arenen, is named after this once great player.


VfL Bålsta has always been your standard 3-5-2 team concentrating on winning the midfield battle and thus gaining more possession of the ball. This has started to change lately with a switch in training. The former playmaking training did not allow for any real tactical changes between matches, but with winger training the tactic can be modified to work better against the opposition if there is a need to change things up.