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An Offensive Wingback (common acronym: OWB) adds a portion of his defending skill to the team's defence ratings, which is reduced from his normal capacity as a defender, while contributing a part of his winger skill to the team's wing attack ratings.

How much Wing/Defending skill ?

Compared to the Normal wingback, an Offensive Wingback will trade even more of his defending skill for more winger skill.

Unlike a Defensive wing back, which uses almost no winger skill, the OWB does use a small amount of his defending to help the team. The majority of his contribution, however, is to the wing attack rating. For that reason, most people consider the Offensive Wingback position to be a perfect place for a pure winger, disregarding the defending skill and defensive contribution completely.

When to use an OWB?

  • When you are sure to win midfield
  • When you are sure to win defence
  • When you need a boost to your wing attack

As with most other individual player orders in Hattrick, the position of an Offensive Wingback carries a trade-off. When used wisely, it might help you secure an important win; when used foolishly, it might cause a loss unrivaled by any other player order, given that a wingback's defending helps two defence sectors (side and central).