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Washington Clippers is an American Hattrick soccer club based in Washington, D.C. The club competes in the V.63 league

Washington Clippers
Team ID: (225152)
Location: Washington, D.C.
Stadium: Calvert St. Stadium
Founded: August-5-2015
League: V.63
Manager: USA hendrickz
Coach: USA Luke Williams
Captain: USA Donny Prokop


The club's predecessor is Georgetown Hurricanes. The Hurricanes were founded back in 2010 but after intermisson the team was re-established as Washington Clippers. Washington Clippers is a hattrick club founded by hendrickz. The club is located in Washington, D.C. This historical moment happened on August 5, 2015. The club's intent is to be composed of mainly American players with fielding the less foreign ones.


Calvert St. Stadium has been home to Washington Clippers since the club's re-founding in 2015 with the maximum capacity of more than twenty thousand, of which 6,695 are seated. The stadium is scenically situated in Washington D.C. Since August 2015, more seats were added. In 9 February 2016, a proposal to increase the maximal attendance was finished so now Calvert St. Stadium (225152) has a capacity of 20,570.

In January 2018, the southern stand of the stadium was demolished for expansion. After re-modelization, the total capacity of the stadium will increase from 20,570 to 48,000 seats.


Team Honours

Division VI.409 Runner-up in season 59

Division VI.409 Runner-up in season 60

Division VI.409 Runner-up in season 61

Division VI.142 Runner-up in season 62

Division VI.147 Runner-up in season 63

Division VI.156 Runner-up in season 64

Division VI.240 Winner in season 65

Division V.63 Runner-up in season 66

Player Honours/Golden Boot

Ray Paquette - Became top scorer of VI.409 for season 59 with 17 goals.

Ray Paquette - Became top scorer of VI.409 for season 61 with 23 goals.

Ray Paquette - Became top scorer of VI.142 for season 62 with 23 goals.

Ray Paquette - Became top scorer of VI.147 for season 63 with 21 goals.

Ray Paquette - Became top scorer of VI.240 for season 65 with 26 goals.

Eugene Christensen-Osborne - Became top scorer of V.63 for season 66 with 16 goals.

The club's logo attempted to paying tribute to the late president George Washington by green, yellow and black. It is a framed circle, in which there is Mr.Washington's portrait.


No. Position Player
1 USA GK Troy Oldak
2 USA DF Ricardo Galicia (2nd vice-captain)
3 Austria DF Matthias Preinsack
4 USA DF John Wood
5 USA MF Thomas Storm
6 USA MF Boyce Stroud
7 USA MF Ed Hardwick
9 USA FW Nico Crochet
10 USA FW Ray Paquette
11 USA FW Donny Prokop (captain)
12 USA MF Cody Young-Wright
14 USA WG Yasin Amini
15 USA WG Cedric Mountain
No. Position Player
16 USA DF Marquis Vetter-Washington
17 USA FW Eugene Christensen-Osborne
21 Germany MF Charlie Wiles
24 Trinidad & Tobago DF Jairam Tope
25 England MF Dougie Espinoza
27 USA DF Harald Mayer-Berg
31 Germany MF Karl-Georg Henseler
33 Austria GK Max Mittermayr (1st vice-captain)
39 USA DF D'Anthony Holley-Griggs
42 USA MF Allan Kocsis
44 USA MF P.J. Huett
55 USA DF Rodney Szabo
96 USA FW Corey Pruitt

Club Management and Staff

Role Name
Chairman / General Manager USA hendrickz
Secretary USA Weslye Harris
Head Coach USA Luke Williams
Assistant Coach USA Palmer Jacoby
Assistant Coach USA Grzegorz Polaczek
Form Coach USA Elí Dávalos
Sport Psychologist USA Hollis Roberson
Team Medic USA Willy Lagrand

Coach History

Date Name
8-5-2015 - 12-23-2015 USA Caleb Buster
12-23-2015 - 11-04-2016 USA James Dove
11-04-2016 - 12-25-2017 USA Luke Williams
12-25-2017 - Present USA Philipp Tyson

Club League Top Scorers

Season Name Goals
Season 59 USA Ray Paquette 17 *
Season 60 USA Ray Paquette 20
Season 61 USA Ray Paquette 23 *
Season 62 USA Ray Paquette 23 *
Season 63 USA Ray Paquette 21 *
Season 64 USA Donny Prokop 20
Season 65 USA Ray Paquette 26 *
Season 66 USA Eugene Christensen-Osborne 16 *
  • Received Golden Boot in the league.

Season Results

Season Division Position
Season 59 VI.409 II.
Season 60 VI.409 II.
Season 61 VI.409 II.
Season 62 VI.142 II.
Season 63 VI.147 II.
Season 64 VI.156 II.
Season 65 VI.240 I.
Season 66 V.63 II.

edited: 2-2-2018