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Weather plays an important role in Hattrick. Different weather conditions affect players with specialties in different ways and it also affects how many spectators will attend a game.

The weather for your home games depends on what region your team is in. The Region page shows the information for what weather your region has on a specific day and shows a (sometimes incorrect) weather forecast for the next day.

Here are the latest illustrations:

Rain Rain
Overcast Overcast
Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Sunny Sunny

There are four kinds of weather in the Hattrick world.

Weather0 new.gif Rain
Weather1 new.gif Overcast
Weather2 new.gif Partially cloudy
Weather3 new.gif  Sunny

Old pictures[edit]

Weather0.gif Rain
Weather1.gif Overcast
Weather2.gif Partially cloudy
Weather3.gif  Sunny


  • HattrickAssistent has investigated some things about the weather. The results can be found hier.