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International titles
Preceded by
Akihabara Tigers
Season 59
Hattrick Masters
Season 60
Succeeded by
Prinskorv FC
Season 61

Wild Oscar was a Norwegian team managed by CharlieParker, Hattrick Masters XXXIII champion.


Step by step to win Hattrick Masters

Written by Dovco_HandF  (16/02/2016 11:55)

His team is a result of slow building for the future (step by step). It has been a long process... How you can build a team like this - you can read in the interview with Thomas-T (3725093), manager of Wild Oscar from Norge (166187), who won Hattrick Masters in the 60th season in Hattrick.

1. Congratulations. You won Hattrick Masters. It is a dream of many people in Hattrick. How do you feel?

Thanks! It feels great! I have been playing Hattrick for over 10 years, and winning Hattrick Masters have been one of my long term goals. Now I can proudly say that I have won everything that’s possible to win as a club manager.

2. In the final match you did not give a chance to your opponent. Have you been sure that you will win?

You can never expect to win a game in Hattrick, especially against good teams. Still, I knew I were a favorite. After my calculation I had a team spirit and confident edge on my opponent. In addition my players are slightly better. Based on the possible scenarios I could imagine the standard 3-5-2 would give me the best overall chance of victory. I had some substitution ready to “ save” the day, but I felt confident before the game started.

3. How to make a strong team in Hattrick like yours? Tell us about that, please. Step by step... I'm sure that many managers will want to do what you done, including me as well.

Its quit easy to do actually. You just need to be patience. In Norway we had a federation for team builders where one the top teams in Norway showed his plan. This inspired a lot of people (me included). In my opinion this is one of the main reasons why the Norwegian teams are difficult to beat. There are too many good teams in the top 3 divisions!

Sadly this federation is inactive now, but I will try to give a simple guide.

   Stage 1:
   The first thing you need is money. I choose to stop at 50 millions euro as I believed would take me all the way into the top division. How much you need depends on your goals. What country you compete in will also affect how much money you need to reach the top level. As a general rule, the more money you have the better your odds for succeeding are ;)

   Stage 2:
   Make a training schedule. Read the new updates for the game and play with training calculators. Check out how much time it takes to train players, and make a plan for how to reach those levels. I would like to advise people to focus on player's specialty. When you reach the maximal level of your team it would be painful to loose important matches because of few players with correct specialities.

   I followed this plan:
   - I bought x amount of players (17 years old) and started training them in defending. When they reached the level I wanted for my midfielders I switch to playmaking.
   - I trained playmaking until my players had level 15. I stopped at titanic because of the skill drop players receives when they go over this level.
   - After playmaking I took some seasons with passing. At the time I started with passing I bought 3 TDF that also received training.
   - When my DF and midfielders got the level of passing I wanted I switched back to playmaking. I have been training playmaking ever since. The rest of the players i bought when my team needed them.

   Stage 3:
   Actually following true with your plan. This takes a lot of discipline. It’s boring to lose all of your matches when you have a lot of money in the bank. I choose to buy an excellent coach and give my players 5 % stamina the first seasons to boost the training speed. It is helpful, but your team will lose many matches, even when your players start to become good. I sacrificed success and trophies in the beginning stage of my teambuilding process to become slightly stronger in the end . One of my motivations to do this was to give my players an extra edge against my competition for the spots in the national team. If you want to build a world class team you need the experience boost a national team can provide. That’s one of the reasons I choose to follow the national teams directions, and together we made great players.

4. Wonderful job! Really wonderful. What will happen with your team now?

My main goal is to try to win Hattrick Masters one more time! It’s a fine competition, and it would be a great honor to win it again. When that’s said I know it will be highly difficult.

5. Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Thomas. I am 25 years old and a student at the Norwegian School of Economics. The school is located in beautiful Bergen (Norway). I am almost finished with my master’s degree within management control. I guess that’s one of the reasons I have been able to spend time on Hattrick. As a student you have a lot of spare time except in the beginning and ending of each semester.

6.Tell us about your team. What is the inspiration for your team name? And how did you learn about Hattrick?

When I was 15 years old, people in my school started to play and in the beginning it was a lot of local competitions. My motivation was to win against my classmates. It didn’t take long to realize that Hattrick was a social game, and I haven’t been able to stop since then!

To be honest I don’t remember why I choose Wild Oscar. I assume the main reason was that it thought sounded cool (and I still like it).

7. Did you have a mentor at the beginning of your career to help and guide you through the first steps of running your team?

In the beginning I played randomly. I changed my training all the time, didn’t have a plan of how to develop my team, and I spent my money as soon as It got into the bank account.

It was first after a couple of seasons into the game I meet 2maz76 (Fimbul FK). He was my mentor, and the reason why I started to learn about the game. Without him I would not have won Hattrick Masters this season. That’s for sure!

8. Hattrick is a social game. Tell us about your best HT-friends...

That’s a really difficult questions. Hattrick is a social game, and that aspect is equally important as having a strong team. After playing this game for 10 years I am afraid of making a list. It would be to long for this interview, or I would have to leave someone out of it. None of the options sounds too good, so it’s better to not make one. I don’t want to make anybody feel “left behind”. My HT friends know who they are :)

9. Pick one HT-related anecdote and tell us about it.

Blank. Sorry, but I don’t know any HT related anecdote.

10.Tell us about your normal day in HT.

It really depends on what day of the week it is. The only day I do anything useful is Thursday. That’s the day with the training update. I take a look at my players development, my competition development and plan out a useful strategy.

The other days I don’t do too much useful things. I log into my account whenever I go into my computer, check my mail and the forums.

11.Tell us your worst mistake in your HT carreer.

My worst mistake is the quarterfinals in Hattrick Masters last seaso. I had a couple of players injured at the moment, included my goalkeeper. I hoped to get him back before the match but I were unlucky. That resulted in MOTS and a loss. If I could do it over again I would invest in a real goalkeeper. With a better choice before that match I could have had 2 Hattrick masters titles right now.

12. Who is the favourite player that you owned?

All of my players from my team building project! I have trained them a couple of years, and that makes me fond of them. If I have to pick one player that would be Ragnar Fiskå. He has been one of the most important players for my team, and has been with me from the beginning.

13. How do you deal with your expenses? Training, trading or just save money?

Saved money. Since my teambuilding project started I have kept most of the players that have received training. Trading could be profitable but I don’t have the energy to do it + selling/buying players effect your team spirit. That makes it a bad solution for teams in top divisions.

The last seasons my team have been profitable. The money from Hattrick Masters have given me a solid profit. I also have some national players that makes my salaries slightly lower.

14. How long it takes to earn that much money? How much time do you spend on transfer market each day?

Before I started my project I had 50 000 000 euro. I don’t remember how long time it took me since I were inactive a period. When I joined the army I sold my team and just trained 10 players in defending for 1 year. After my duty was done, I sold these 10 players and kept saving some extra money. I think I did some skill trading etc for some time to get the last money I needed to do my project.

The last 4-5 seasons I spent close to no time on the transfer market.

15. In your opinion any manager with a money bag and good Hattrick knowledge can "win" the game?

No. Money is necessary to be able to compete against the best teams, but there are a lot of excellent strategist out there. If you don’t know what you are doing you will get crushed by “weaker” teams. You need to realize how to build up a team, and how to read the teams you are playing against.

16. And the last question: what would you like to say to Hattrick users at the end of our interview?

I would like to thank everybody that has congratulated me after my Hattrick masters victory. It’s fun to get support from all over the Hattrick world.

I want to wish all of you the best of luck in your real life and in Hattrick!

17. Thank you very much for your time and good luck for next seasons, buddy.