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Founded: 25.03.2009
Clubcolors: Green and flowers
Country: Netherlands Nederland
Region: Groningen
Competition: V.213
Manager: Netherlands Bloemetje
Fanclub: Kunstmest
Name: Bloembak
Capacity: 73.088
Terraces: 40.408
Basic seatins: 16.212
Seats under roof: 14.629
Seats in VIP boxes: 1.839
Hall of Fame
Trophies: Bloemetjeprijzen.jpg
Topscorers competitions:

Netherlands Arthuro Bloemen werd topscorer van IV.213 (Nederland) in seizoen 39 met 13 goals.
Netherlands Arthuro Bloemen werd topscorer van V.213 (Nederland) in seizoen 37 met 16 goals.
Netherlands Arthuro Bloemen werd topscorer van VI.476 (Nederland) in seizoen 35 met 17 goals. Topscorer X.PNG


Wilwel is a Dutch footballclub from Wildervank


On 27-03-2009 wilwel was formed. Wilwel was managed with a long term strategy. Several changes by the Hattrick Association in the game made it nescescary to change the strategy and goals. In the beginning of 2012 the managemend decided to continue in the chosen way and ignore further changes of the HA. Wilwel currently plays in the third division and the club is working on his 14th season in professional football.


Club topscorer for Wilwel: Netherlands Arthuro Bloemen

Place Player Goals*
1 Netherlands Arthuro Bloemen 3)

Most matches for the club: Netherlands Jopie Grond : 195 Highest rank on the Dutch National ranking: 62 (season 40) Maximum fanclub size: 3119 (season 40) Maximum fanclub team TSI: 2.250.000 (season 40)

* Last update 19 june 2012


Highest League Position:2nd in III. (s40)
Lowest League Position:7th in IX. (s27)
Highest Attendance:62561 - wilwel 6 - 0 Eddie S37
Highest Average Attendance:54577 (s37)
Biggest League Win:wilwel 12 - 0 ralph81 (374655590) s37
Biggest Cup win:Utrecht, 0 - 12 wilwel (364781993)s37
Highest Scoring Game:13 goals - svsven 1 - 12 wilwel (343656155) s35
Longest Series Of Wins:21 matches - (s36)
Longest Series Of Defeats:10 matches - (s33)
Longest Series Without A Win:10 matches - (s33)
Longest Series Without A Loss:23 matches - (s36)
Most Official Matches:Jopie Grond Netherlands
Most Official Goals:104 goals - Arthuro Bloemen Netherlands
Highest Transfer Fee Payed:6 000 000 € - David Orskov Denmark
Highest Transfer Fee Recieved:4 800 000 € - Ib Søgaard Denmark

* Last update may, 7 2013


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