Wolf Emipe

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Wolf Emipe (1693999)
Managed by OnlyWolf
Club information
ArenaMaisobri Uniti Arena
Fan ClubRampichini Bikers

Wolf Emipe was founded the 02-05-2007 (under the name le_olive_di_crocetti) by owner OnlyWolf. he club started out in Italy X.1795 Global Season 32, finished 3nd, three season leater after two second places and one third was promoted to IX.1367. Again the team ended in 2nd place, but again promoted. This time to VIII.1081 where the team stayed for three seasons to date, where in the actual Global Season 38 two days after the end covers the first position.

Club History

Season League Coppa Italia Trophies
32 3th in X.1795 not qualified none
33 2nd in X.1795 not qualified none
34 2nd in X.1795 not qualified none
35 1st in X.1795 not qualified Division X.PNG
36 2nd in IX.1367 not qualified promotion
37 2nd in VIII.1081 not qualified none
38 3nd in VIII.1081 1 round none
39 1th in VIII.1081 2 round Division VIII.PNG