Yan Rediffer Delft

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Netherlands Yan Rediffer Delft (360889)
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Full Name Yan Rediffer Delft
Nickname YRD
Founded 13-07-2011
Location Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Arena YRD-Stadion
Coach Zafar Marzuban (21943569)
League VIII.122[1]
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Yan Rediffer Delft[2]is a club out of Delft that is leaden by Yarede. The club is founded at 13-07-2011


Season 1(35)

The first season of Yan Rediffer Delft went well. The club ended third and lost just 4 times. Shame wasn't necessary, because the losses were against the 2 teams that were in front of YRD. The largest gain was at 21-08-2011 against Superdry Showdown, it was a 0-9. The top scorer of the season in the competition was Michiel van Esscoten, with 10 goals. If you count the friendly goals with them, van Esschoten and van Houten are first, with 12 goals.


There were many transfers, especially with keepers. The first transfer was Kristián Palžek, the first keeper of Yan Rediffer Delft in competition matches. Also Bendik Nilsen came to Delft. He came as trainee. Therfore, he was sold at the and of the season for €200.000,-. Immediatly after that Modest Kochugov was purchased as new trainee. 2 field players were also purchased, namely Constant Perdok and Eize Paulissen.


The youth had a good season to. Delfdiasion played in the Junior Cup. In there the youth club had 3 gains and 2 draws. Delfdiasion ended 6 out of 8. Hein Sommeling ended as season top scorer with 5 goals.