Youth Pull Cross Trainers

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Youth Pull Cross Trainers (YPXT)

(AllianceID: 26493)

YPXT are devoted to help train each others' youth pulls without losing any training slots. This is accomplished by playing your youth pull in a friendly and ensuring that he sells after the match starts but before the training update. The purchasing player determines the result of the training and whether or not it is necessary to repeat the process the following week.

The theory is that a player with stronger skills is more likely to be properly trained.


You play your youth pull in a position that you do not train. You sell the player to a trainer of that position after he has played but before the training update in the trainer's country. If the player 'pops', then he is sold on the open market to another team (or kept by the cross-training partner) for further training. This results in a small profit for the trainer (if candidates are properly identified) and future Mother Club money for the original team.

If he does not pop, the training club immediately lists the player after the training update, the mother club buys the player back - plays him again - then sells him back to the training manager in time for the next training update - "lather, rinse and repeat".

Key Elements

The three key elements for participating in this kind of activity are coordination, a complete disregard for your team spirit and a small nest-egg of cash.

  1. Coordination - Timing is everything. Using the Federation forum, it is necessary to secure a buyer and arrange a time for the sale. Different countries have different training schedules, and as this is the case timing the sale to happen after the mother club's friendly but before the training update can be tricky.
  2. Team Spirit - Much like the daytrading of old, the number of transfers involved when cross-training multiple players will negatively effect your team spirit. If the series you are in dictates that you need to ensure a high level of spirit to complete in the midfield, then this may not be the Federation for you
  3. Cash - It doesn't take a lot of money, but a team needs to be in the black before participating. Other managers using experience or tools like Psico-Tsi will be able to identify a player that is close to a level pop. In order to get the benefit of the pop, a supply of cash needs to be available.

This federation no longer exists!