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Dragones de Zacarante (222233)  
Year Founded 2000
League USA
Region McAllen, Texas
Stadium Arena de los Bravos
Coach John Alstedt, 2006-
HT User everardo7206
All-Time Leaders*
Games Cai Young-Ho, 96
Goals Tomé Barreira, 27
Clean sheets Fred Shelton, 31
First Game
Liverpool2D 3-1 Dragones de Zacarante
(Liverpool2D Arena; 6-20-2005; US League
Best Win
Idaho Eagles 0-8 Dragones deZacarante
(Eagles Stadium; 3-29-2007; US Open Cup
Worst Defeat
Dragones de Zacarante 0-9 Poros All Stars
(Poros Field; 8-15-2005; US League
US Open Cup
Seasons 28,29,30,31,32 - Round 2
Seasons 31,32 - Round 3

Dragones de Zacarante (222233) are an American football (soccer) club located in McAllen, Texas, whose home is Arena de los Bravos. The name comes from club owner Everardo who during his seventh grade year of middle school cleverly made up logos and names for ten clubs for his Fifa 98: Road to World Cup video game. Light years before hattrick was even created, Zacarante was just a Nintendo video game team.

When hattrick was introduced to Everardo, among those ten teams, Zacarante just seemed to stand out more and that is how the history of this great sclub came to live on July 16, 2005. Since the franchice name came to life in the year 2000, the logo bears "Fund. 2000" which in english means "Founded in 2000".

The team uniform is crystal blue with red vertical lines. The first kit bore 5 lines, and as upcoming seasons went by, so did the lines, until just 2 remain, as is in the logo. The logo has undergone minimal changes, when the motto "Por Texas" (For Texas) was engraved atop the original logo, same which did not last very long. On October 2005, the Replublic of Texas flag hanging from a golden pole was added on both sides of the logo, which symbolized the Dragones as "Texas' team".

Some of the clubs most notable players include Cai Young-Ho, Simon Noceda, Drahoslav Cadek, Tomé Barreira (all time scoring leader), and Glen Gatling

Current Squad:

GOALKEEPERS: 1.Fred Shelton

DEFENDERS: 2.Evaldas Gudonis 3.Danilo Astengo 4.Andres Bustamante 5.Roger Ruud (C) 13.Vasco da Silva 16.Joseph Page 19.Avshalmo Segev

WINGERS: 6.Walter Kremser 8.Stanley Holder 20.Roberto Squaiella (C) 22.Hyam Zwier (C)

MIDFIELDERS: 8.Jose Antonio Ferari 11.Drahoslav Cadek (C) 14.Pablo Algeri Bricoli 15.Giancarlo Diotabeli 17.Enrique Muñoz 21.Pat Strange

STRIKERS: 7.Reinaldo Daza 9.Daniel Hannon

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