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『Zh/中路進攻』正在翻譯中 —— 翻譯了 30%

"Zh/中路進攻" is translating - Translated 30%


  • 前鋒進球能力
  • 前鋒傳球能力
  • 中前衛傳球能力

以下內容是基於 Hattrick 玩家的經驗和調查中得到的結論 — 這代表著它們的真實性和準確程度並沒有被官方確認,因此這些內容不一定能夠反映出遊戲的真實性。請在仿效這些內容前請作出考慮!

The Central attack rating is believed to be more important than the Left attack or Right attack; however, opinion varies on the % of attacks that come from each of the three ratings. Research shows that (in the absence of special tactics) the number of attacks directed to the center is significantly higher than the number of attacks directed to either wing.