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-Cyclops- (real name: Ronald Nieuwenhuizen) is a Dutch Hattrick manager. He first heard of Hattrick when it was discussed in the Usenet newsgroup ( On 7 November 2002 he registered as a manager and one day later got his club, which he named Cyclops United. In 2013 he started a second club Haarlem Globetrotters in Syria


-Cyclops- is the owner of the following clubs:

country region club teamid division founded youthclub teamid
Netherlands Nederland Noord-Holland Cyclops United (70065) V.90 08-11-2002 Cyclops United II (28732)
Syria Suriyah Dimashq Haarlem Globetrotters (2023417) III.4 06-05-2013 Haarlem Globetrotters II (2316289)


-Cyclops- is a member of the following federations:

federation fed-id job joined for managers who...
alt.muziek 25176 Promotor 17-06-2005 ... like (discussing) alternative music
Haarlemse Hattrick Federatie 5534 President 28-01-2005 ... live, work or study in or around the Dutch city of Haarlem
Hattrick Youthclub NL/VL 76284 Jeugdcoach 26-03-2009 ... use the online youth academy tool Hattrick Youthclub
Langs de lijn 95338 Mark van Rijswijk 07-09-2010 ... (think they) know everything about sports 14228 Dictator 27-10-2004 ... were/are 'members' of Usenet newsgroup
OLDER 4575 Dictator buiten dienst 07-01-2004 ... are 30 years or older
PSV Eindhoven Federation 3462 Jan van Beveren 31-08-2010 ... are fans of football club PSV Eindhoven