From Hattrick (NSV) (14228)
Chief Officer -Cyclops-
Founding date 27-10-2004
Members 13 (on 22-01-2013)
Languages Dutch

A federation for (former) users of the Dutch usenet group, commonly abbriviated to NSV.

Current members[edit]

# manager job team country region
1. -Cyclops- Dictator Cyclops United Nederland Noord-Holland
2. Wyatt Vice-President FK Nomenklatura 68 Nederland Utrecht
3. Hoveling Jari Litmanen Bokaal Winnaar KDV'95 Nederland Utrecht
4. dynamosmurfen Vinnie Jones Bokaal Winnaar Real Dynamo Smurfen F.C. Nederland Zuid-Holland
5. Uh-Oh Die Hard (tm) UhOh United Nederland Utrecht
6. LA-joice Regular LJJ02 Nederland Noord-Brabant
7. Marc- Newbie Kings Squad Nederland Gelderland
8. Slagers Regular Ef Cee Nederland Overijssel
9. Mokum Lurker Amsterdam United FC Nederland Amsterdam
10. mschr Killvijverbewoner FC Van Wanrooy Vooruit Nederland Gelderland
11. Jomani Newbie the Wizards FC 2.0 Nederland Limburg
12. Markov Newbie Drienerlodudes Nederland Overijssel
13. Sacha071 Newbie Republiek Dordrecht Nederland Zuid-Holland
14. voskat Newbie Gillende Big Nederland Eindhoven

Federation website[edit]

The website can be found at The site started out as a list of NSV teams and managers, but was soon expanded with other information. Now, a lot of the information on the site is generated from a database in which the following data is stored weekly:

  • competition results: place, match score, cards, injuries, teamrating
  • cup results: score, matchid, opponent

Federation trophies[edit]

Jari Litmanen Bokaal[edit]

The Jari Litmanen Bokaal (Jari Litmanen Cup) is awarded to the team with the most injuries in matches during the regular competition. A team gets 1 point for every injury and 1 point for every injury week. No points are awarded for bruises. The award is named after Finnish football player Jari Litmanen, who has been plagued by injury throughout his whole career.

Vinnie Jones Bokaal[edit]

The Vinnie Jones Bokaal (Vinnie Jones Cup) is awarded to the team that recieves the most cards in matches during the regular competition. A team gets 1 point for every yellow card and 3 points for every red card it receives. When a player gets two yellow cards during a match, the team is also awarded 3 points. The award is named after former Welsh football player (and nowadays actor) Vinnie Jones, well known for his aggressive type of football which earned him numerous yellow and red cards throughout his career. Hattrick Voorspellingscompetitie[edit]

The Hattrick Voorspellingscompetitie ( Hattrick Prediction Competition) is a competition in which the federation members every week have to predict the outcome of a number of Hattrick matches. The competition is organized by Mokum, who, not surprisingly, has won most of the NSVHTVC's himself. :)

Overview winners[edit]

season Jari Litmanen Bokaal Vinnie Jones Bokaal NSVHTVC
11 - ReFa's Frotters -
12 - LJJ02
13 The Lisbon Lions Flappentrapper Taillieu
14 Brøndby NL Westeinde Wanderers
FC KWW '02
15 Amsterdam United FC
FK Nomenklatura 68
FK Nomenklatura 68 Markov
16 KDV'95 Ulan Bator 13 Mokum
17 FK Nomenklatura 68 husslage united Mokum
18 - KDV'95 Mokum
19 otherfools DBA Vooruit Mokum
20 Westeinde Wanderers Ulan Bator 13 Mokum
21 KDV'95 Drienerlodudes Mokum
22 Real Dynamo Smurfen F.C.
The Lisbon Lions
the Wizards FC
FC KWW '02 -Cyclops-
23 Amsterdam United FC
ReFa's Frotters
FC Van Wanrooy Vooruit Mokum
24 Amsterdam United FC ReFa's Frotters -Cyclops-
25 DBA Vooruit FC Van Wanrooy Vooruit Mokum
26 Real Dynamo Smurfen F.C. Republiek Dordrecht _herman_
27 S.K. Zat1 UhOh United -
28 Kings Squad S.K. Zat1 -
29 Kings Squad S.K. Zat1 -
30 Amsterdam United FC FC Van Wanrooy Vooruit -
31 KDV'95 Drienerlodudes -
32 Drienerlodudes Republiek Dordrecht
Tiocfaidh ár lá
33 Drienerlodudes Cyclops United
S.K. Zaterdag 2
34 Ef Cee Drienerlodudes
UhOh United
35 FC Van Wanrooy Vooruit Kings Squad -
36 Kings Squad Cyclops United -
37 KDV'95 Gillende Big
Real Dynamo Smurfen F.C.
38 Drienerlodudes Gillende Big -
39 Republiek Dordrecht Kings Squad -
40 Real Dynamo Smurfen F.C. Ef Cee -

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