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Noord-Holland (English: North Holland) is a province of the Netherlands, located in the northwest part of the country. Its capital is Haarlem. Other cities include the country's capital Amsterdam, Den Helder, Hilversum, Alkmaar, Zaandam and Hoorn. North Holland forms a peninsula between the North Sea and the IJsselmeer. More than half of the province consists of reclaimed land in the form of polders and is below sea level.

Province of North Holland
Provincie Noord-Holland
Flag of North-Holland Coat of Arms of North-Holland
Location of North-Holland
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Western Europe
Country:  Nederland
Latitude: 52.37° N
Longitude: 4.65° E
Number of teams: 964
Time zone: Hattrick Time
updated 23-07-2014

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