2e Jeugd

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2e Jeugd (502677)
managed by Kroesio
Full Name 2e Jeugd
Nickname Jeugd
Founded 17 June 2004
Location Amsterdam, Nederland
Arena Nico Memorial Stadium
Coach Pontus Gerdgren
League VI.590
updated on: 15-02-2007

2e Jeugd is a football club in the Netherlands. It was founded in 17 June 2004 by the infamous manager Kroesio. 2e Jeugd won some championships and known as a dangerous outsider in the cup. 2e Jeugd is currently playing in division VI and plays in the Nico Memorial Stadium in Amsterdam. Before the club was known as Di Kroesio's.


Di Kroesio's (21123) was founded on January 5, 2002 by the manager Kroesio. The club won its first trophy in season 5 in the IV. Then it was playing in the top of the III league and trained some international teamplayers, like the populair dutch U-20 player Nico Borghaerts. Then the team did get a lot of warnings of the GameMasters, because they said that the manager had a bad behaviour. In 2004 the manager was locked and couldn't manage his team anymore. That means that the club was effectively ceased to exist.

The club was promptly re-established on 17 June 2004 as 2e Jeugd (502677) with a the same owner. The new club won its first trophy in season 12 in the IX, and in season 16 it played in the dutch VI league. In season 19 the big clubhero Nico Borghaerts came back to joined the new team of his old manager. The club named his stadium (Nico Memorial Stadium) after him, and made him the captain of the team. Now 2e Jeugd is going on his way back to the top, and is known as a dangerous outsider in the national cup.

Honours and records

Championships: (5)

  • Di Kroesio's: Season 5 & 18.
  • 2e Jeugd: Season 12, 13 & 19.

BFCF-Cup (1)

  • 2e Jeugd: Season 20.

Famous (past) players