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Kroesio (Arabic: الكُحل‎), is a Dutch Manager of 2e Jeugd, currently playing in division VI of the Dutch league. He has also managed another football clubs, like Di Kroesio's. He was also known as the godfather of Nico Borghaerts, infamous user on Hattrick & IRC, and succesfull manager.


Successful manager of the former starteam di kroesio's. This team was considered a good team in the higher divisions (III and IV) with very strong defenders. One of the many defenders was Nico Borghaerts, one of the best Dutch (U20) talents ever! Kroesio was also famous for his many bans on the Hattrick forums, fines and his use of striking language. Also on mIRC he regularly were thrown out from several channels after harrasing users in a hard manner about there (life)behaviour/situation?/. Meanwhile Kroesio is on his way back with a new team, 2e Jeugd (second youth), and has been champion several times, back to the level he used to play in the old days.


Kroesio is also known for his (practical) jokes, mainly on Sealand, but there's also a well-remembered one from a New Year's eve. Together with ak47 he took over the IRC channel That wasn't appreciated and of course he was banned again.


The best joke on Sealand probably was be the joke of "Lisanne". He posted a conference message with the text 'Add this horny webcam chick to your MSN', but it was Kroesio who was typing as the girl on MSN. He badly mocked __SuperFly_. SuperFly was in love with "Lisanne". After some funny phrases of SuperFly, Kroesio placed a log file on the Internet. This joke was appreciated, except by SuperFly.

Baby Kroesio

The "Baby Joke" was also appreciated. Mavuba told at the dutch conference that Kroesio has become accidently father. The news leaked out to the Hattrick IRC-Channels, where a discussion followed. Some people really believed it, so Kroesio told that it was a joke of him and Mavuba. The joke was somewhat less appreciated.