ACF Iacopiana

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ACF Iacopiana
Club information
Founded: February 2008
Manager: IacBarlotti
Location: Firenze, Italy Italy
Series: IV.24
Home colours: green-purple
Fan Club: Collettivo Iacopiano Viola
Prize shelf
Division VIII.PNG Division VII.PNG Division VI.PNG Division V.PNG Division V.PNG Division VI.PNGDivision V.PNGDivision V.PNG

ACF Iacopiana, also known as Iacopiana, is an Italian club of Firenze. Club manager is IacBarlotti.

Iacopiana was founded in February 2008 and plays at Iacopian ArenA. The capacity of the stadium is 55,000.

The club has won eight series titles: 1 of series VIII, 1 of series VII, 2 of series VI, 4 of series V. His best result achieved is a 5th place in series IV (two times) and the 8th round of Coppa Italia.