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AFC Avas
managed by Liszi
AFC Avas
Club Information
Full name AFC Avas (95733)
Short name Avas
Nickname(s) The Highlanders
Colours Red, Gold and Black
Founded 13 Sep 2002
Location Miskolc,  Magyarország
League IV.11
Fanclub Tlaktolos Öldögfiókák
(~Hellboyz with Tlactols)
Home Ground Information
Name AvasarenA
Total capacity 83.049
Terraces 52.000
Basic seating 20.760
Seats under roof 8.310
Seats in VIP boxes 1.979
Youth Team Information
Name Avasi Hegylakók
(Highlanders of Avas)
Ground Avasi Ifiképző Komplexum
(Avas Youth Sports Complex)
Ground capacity 300
Coach Information
Name Tamás Mónos
Nationality  Magyarország
Since 20 May 2012

Athletic & Football Club Avas, also referred to as AFC Avas, is a Hattrick team from Miskolc, Hungary. The club is one of the oldests in the Hungarian football league, since it was founded in 2002 and joined the football league in its second season.

Since than the club had some successful seasons at league levels III-IV-V by winning division V twice and division IV four times and making it to the last 32 in the Hungarian Cup twice. Although never reached higher levels then division III, AFC Avas was ranked 2nd best team in the region of Miskolc (behind the mostly decorated Hungarian team, garristop) most of the time under the club's last spell at division III.

AFC Avas plays at the AvasarenA (formerly Stadio Delle Avas).


Middle aged hobby players and university students founded the club in 2002. They applied for membership on 13th of September 2002. On the next week the new team joined the 4th division of Hungarian league system (the lowest back then).

Early Seasons

In the first season mainly hobby players were in the team, but that was the time when the base of a professional club was created. Money from sponsorship deals was spent on youth academy, new coach and bigger stadium.

The team suffered heavy defeats in the first couple of months so the management decided to pay friendly matches as an opportunity for the players to train and play more together. Also, foreign players were lured to the club as the management wanted to boost team performance. Unfortunately there wasn't any scouts to spot talented players so the new players - without the necessary skills - didn't improve the results, and couldn't stop the team falling to the 8th (last) place of the group.

As there wasn't division V that time, the team remained in the same group. But the management didn't believe in hard work and training and continued to buy foreigners. The results didn't improve that season either. The club finished 8th place again, but still survived demotion. But the newly formed Hungarian division V projected a dark future for the Highlanders.

The management started to think in longer terms and tried to stop the money waster strategy. Sold or fired a lot of unneeded players and brought skilled foreigners to the club. There was some improvement on the pitch, too. In the end of the club's third season, the team had 13 points (almost as much points as the sum of the first two seasons 9+6) and finished 7th place. But couldn't avoid relegation the third time in a row.

That era wasn't successful at all, but behind the tragic display of the first team a hard working new generation of home-grown players (Péter Gerzson, Rudolf Szamosi, Imre Dunai, László Lipták) started to emerge. And with the help of talented foreign players like al-Badawi al-Muqri', Wilson Sun, Leandro Bononi and Malcolm Wakeham the future seemed very bright.

First Golden Era

The start of the first golden era of AFC Avas was marked with the promotion of two very talented young goalkeeper: Robert Grecu and Sergiu Oprea. The former served the club for a very long period and became a legend on Avas Hill, the later was sold after a short period and brought financial stability to the club.

The supporters did not have to wait for a long time for the success. The club immediately won their division V group and promoted to division IV directly, mainly with the help of two great forwards: the Swedish al-Badawi al-Muqri' and the Latvian Yarok Marashov. The above two won three top league goalscorer award in a row and made the team a title contender in division IV.

That was the time when the club became famous for its great defenders. Experienced Latvian back, Vjaceslavs Bradins was the mentor of many young and talented academy defenders like: Tibor Cseh, Janko Mihaljevic and Patrik Szekfű. They had a great impact on the team's success for the next few seasons both on and off the pitch.

After five seasons in the hunt for a division IV championship title the team reached only the third place (four times in a row) and the second. After the very long wait the club won two division IV championship and after each one they had a brief visit to division III. The second relegation from div III marks the end of the first golden era.

Names to remember from this period: Forward pairs: al-Badawi al-Muqri'-Yarok Marashov (3 top scorer award in league), Jürgen Waldinger-Pedro Freitas (1 top scorer award in league), Nándor László-Zacheus Boormans (1 top scorer award in league).
Midfielders: Division V heroes: Malcolm Wakeham, Wilson Sun, Leandro Bononi, Maximilian Lövgren. Division IV greats: François Desdemains-Hugon, Gottfried Eberius, Fernando Rubio, René Frömberg, Mats Tullström, Bogus Berensztajn.
Defenders: National team players: Florinas Ursut, Baktybek Datka Uulu, Shakar Abzari, academy greats: Tibor Cseh, Janko Mihaljevic, Patrik Szekfű and foreign stars: Vjaceslavs Bradins, Per Moe and Ferdi Remin.
Goalkeepers: Legendary Robert Grecu, Bernd-Rüdiger Flemisch and Maris Laskovs.


Second Golden Era


League & Cup History

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54
III - - - - - - - - - - 7 - 7 - - - - - - - - - - - 4 3 3 6 - - - - - - 6 6 - -
IV 8 8 7 - 3 3 3 3 2 1 - 1 - 2 5 2 4 5 4 6 - 1 2 1 - - - - 7 - - - 3 1 - - 3 ?
V - - - 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 - - - - - - - - 8 - 1 - - - - - -
VI - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 - - - - - - -
Cup - - r3 r3 r3 r2 r4 r6 r7 r5 r7 r6 r4 r6 r10 r8 r6 r5 r4 r7 r3 r4 r5 r10 r8 r8 r5 r7 r4 r3 r3 r3 r8 r7 r3 r5 r5 r?

Club colours

The first logo

The club used three logos since 2002, but all of them had two things in common: red-gold-black colours and they all feature the TV tower of Avas, which is a popular destination of tourists and one of the symbols of Miskolc.

The second logo

The first logo featured a football, which represents Avas Hill and the TV tower on the top of it. It serves as the main symbol of the club for five years, the longest period of the club's history, then the club's management decided to try something brand new. They thought that the old logo was too "dark & heavy" and they looked for a light one.

The second logo was a heavily criticised one. It was "brighter & lighter", but the supporters and even the players and staff members couldn't identify themselves with it. It was a big failure for the club and after only two seasons (and a significant drop in merchandising revenue) the management decided to get a new one.

The third logo got back to the roots of the first one. The round shape was brought back and the TV tower was on it as always. The new feature was the "trophy-counter" behind the TV tower. That time there were only three golden stars on the logo, then one additional stars for each championship trophy.

The fourth design is a simplified one. The Club decided to draw a more modern logo which keeps all important parts (colours, team name, the shape of the TV tower) from previous ones. To get a simple but interesting design the position and shape of the letters of AFC Avas represent the TV tower. Eight championship stars make the logo complete.

Third logo with three stars...
...with four...
...with five...
...and with six.
New logo.


Club founders have been chosen red, gold and black for club colours. Red and gold have been chosen as main colours because those two are the colours of Miskolc. Black is just a secondary colour with no official meaning, but it is often regarded as an honour of the (nowadays ruined) heavy industry in the region.

Team Kits

The home colours have been red and gold shirts with black shorts and socks. Traditionally, the away kit have been all white usually with red.

The first home design was a red and gold striped shirt with black shorts and socks. The away kit was all white with a red and gold stripe on the shirt. At that time, the club logo was on the middle of the shirt. The club used the first design until the 35th season.

The second kit has been known as the "trophy kit" because of the trophy-like shape on the shirts. It was used in two seasons (35-36), until the second relegation to division V.

First home
First away
Second home
Second away
"Arrow" home
"Arrow" away

At the lower level, the management wanted a kit, which shows optimism and hope of progression. That was the time when the upward pointing arrow design was created. Since than, the club logo has switched position from the middle to the left side (over the heart). That design had served for two successful seasons, when the club won division V and division IV back-to-back.

The club celebrated its 7th anniversary with a brand new kit. The upward pointing arrow remained, but in a very simplified way. In its first season, the club became division IV champion and promoted to division III. The design had been in use for three seasons until the club's 8th anniversary, when a brand new design presented to the players and supporters.

"Arrow2" home
"Arrow2" away
"Simplified arrow" home
"Simplified arrow" away
Striped home
Non-striped away

That strip left the arrow design completely. It got back to the roots and brought back the vertical stripes. Since November 2010, there are two black ribbon on the shirts as a symbol of grief. One for Rezmuves_Matula and one for Ryke, who were friends of the club owner and passed away at very young age.

At the start of its 30th season the club changed kit manufacturer to LP Sportswear, a new brand owned by the founder and owner of the club. These kits have retro design, old fashioned collars with laces. Colours are the same red-gold-black at home and red and white away as in previous seasons. In the 33rd season of the club LP Sportswear designed new kits with the new logo. The new design brought back the vertical stripes, but more thinner than on old kits.

Retro style home
Retro away
Thin stripes home
Thin stripes away

Special Kits

When something cheerful or sad thing happens in the history of club, a special kit comes out. The club usually celebrates anniversaries or jubilee and farewell matches this way. Jubilee and farewell kits don't have any sponsor name on them, neither do grief kits. For example, on the farewell match of Levente Krámli there was a thank you message on the shirts to the retiring player. Or on the 800th match of club the message was simply 800.

The golden kit
Celebration logo
800th match kit
Grief kit

Anniversary or jubilee kits have golden laureate logos, a golden number shows the actual age and golden stars show the number of championship trophies. The club celebrated its fifth championship trophy with a golden kit, which only had five big stars on it.

Grief kits are usually all black and without any sponsor names and some way they are referring to the person who passed away.


The home ground of AFC Avas is in the top of Avas Hill near to the largest housing estate of Miskolc.

The stadium was called Stadio Delle Avas for the first five seasons. The capacity was only 7.000 in the first season and when popularity of the club began to rise the management decided to increase it. After a five step development the stadium reached the capacity of 27.000. But the development process was followed by many scandals (missing permissions, bad calculations, corrupt contractors, etc.).

In 2004 the club decided to increase capacity to 42.000 and rename the stadium to AvasarenA to get rid of the bad memories of the old name. Since then capacity was increased to 64.000 after three seasons and 83.049 after only one more season.


Capacity of AvasarenA

  • Total capacity: 83.049
  • Terraces: 52.000
  • Basic seating: 20.760
  • Seats under roof: 8.310
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1.979

Stadio Delle Avas hosted 24 sold-out events (19 league and 5 cup matches), while AvasarenA recorded 18 sold-out games (7 league and 11 cup matches), but never had a league match with full house since capacity is 83.049.

AvasarenA was selected as the venue of Magyarország-België U20 national team friendly match. The match finished goalless in front of 20.489 spectators.


Youth Academy


No. Country Position Player Since Transfer Price Notes
3 Hungary WB/W Dominik Rózsavölgyi 05-07-20111 1.350.000 €1
4 France WB/W Benjamin Lhomme 31-01-2011 626.000 €
5 Hungary CD Emil Grofcsik 12-09-2010 Academy
6 France CD/IM Bastien Tournier 12-04-2011 1.467.000 €
7 Italy WB/W Generoso Michetelli 02-04-2011 1.190.000 €
10 Serbia CD/IM Rešad Perez 03-03-2011 2.400.000 €
11 Italy W/IM Onofrio Angelelli 03-10-2012 3.250.000 €
15 Czech Republic CD/IM Ludvík Zelený 16-04-2011 2.777.775 €
17 Russia CD Andrey Mazalevskiy 28-10-2011 1.397.000 €
19 Peru FW Michell Matallana (A) 23-01-2011 3.825.000 €
20 Hungary GK István Balázs 02-02-2011 4.511.000 €
21 Germany CD/IM Dario Omrčen 09-02-2011 2.790.000 €
22 Hungary WB/W György Szűcs 25-01-2013 3.010.000 €
28 Austria IM Benjamin Thoma (A) 31-05-2009 1.758.000 € former coach, ast. coach, HoF cand.
29 Hungary FW Erik Miatow (A) 19-12-20062 1.377.000 €2 HoF candidate
32 Hungary FW Alexander Koteczky 22-03-20123 1.500.000 €3
37 Hungary FW Tamás Mónos 31-10-20124 79.500 €4 Coach
44 Hungary FW Csongor Géza 05-03-2012 3.000 €
69 Hungary FW Márkó Boros 22-03-20125 1.650.000 €5
71 Hungary FW Marcell Zsivótzky 04-01-2013 1.500.000 €
80 Hungary IM Lajos Taccs 05-03-2012 1.000 €
85 Hungary IM/CD Vice Harjač 27-05-2012 Academy
89 Hungary CD Kocsárd Érsek 18-09-2011 Academy
93 Hungary CD Gábor Zsidai 02-04-2012 Academy
94 Hungary CD Zoltán Liszek 25-12-2010 Academy
95 Hungary CD/IM Jeremiás Herpay 20-03-2012 Academy
98 Hungary IM Károly Ujj 27-06-2012 Academy
99 Hungary CD Péter Liszek 25-11-2007 1.000 € frmr coach, U20 NT coach, ast. coach

1Academy player, joined the academy 23-08-2010, promoted to senior team 24-03-2011, sold 27-03-2011 (124.000 €), rejoined the club 05-07-2011 (1.350.000 €).
2Academy player, discovered 31-01-2005, sold 03-02-2005 (765.000 €). Rejoined the club again 19-12-2006 (1.377.000 €).
3Academy player, joined the academy 04-12-2010, promoted to senior team 30-03-2011, sold 06-06-2011 (1.000 €), rejoined the club 22-03-2012 (1.500.000 €).
4Academy player, discovered 08-10-2005, sold 11-10-2005 (35.000 €), rejoined the club 31-10-2011 (79.500 €).
5Academy player, joined the academy 20-11-2010, promoted to senior team 19-06-2011, sold 24-06-2011 (7.000 €), rejoined the club 22-03-2012 (1.650.000 €).


Current Staff

Country Name Role
Hungary Péter Liszek Club Owner/Assistant coach/player
Hungary Bendegúz Varga Chairman of the Board
Hungary Gábor Barlovics Secretary
Kyrgyzstan Baktybek Datka Uulu Advisor
Hungary Tamás Mónos Coach
Austria Benjamin Thoma Assistant coach/player
Hungary János Szóda Youth coach
Hungary Vendel Szabados Scout (Miskolc)
Hungary Antal Füge Scout (Budapest)
Hungary Domonkos Villás Scout (Békéscsaba)


There has been eleven managers/headcoaches in the history of AFC Avas.
The first manager is unknown because due to the lack of administration in the early weeks, there isn't any paper with his name or signature on it.
Péter Liszek and Leopold Charvát served as caretaker coaches. Liszek took the bench as the owner of the club, then Charvát did just a few training with the first team squad, but he couldn't agree on the terms of his permanent contract so he left before the new season started.
In the 32nd season, Baktybek Datka Uulu managed the team for 13 league games and top the team's division, but after it he resigned as a headcoach. Tamás Mónos stepped up as the new headcoach and won the final league game which gave AFC Avas its 8th championship trophy. Both headcoach will be remembered as champions.
The most successful manager was Erik Almási, who won 3 championships and a silver with the team.
Gottfried Eberius was the longest serving manager of AFC Avas with 567 days, only 7 days ahead of Erik Almási (560 days) and 13 days ahead of Salamon Zavadszky (554 days).

Country Name From To Honours
Hungary Unknown Manager 13-09-2002 11-11-2002
Hungary Simon Gehér 11-11-2002 25-02-2004 1 division V championship, 1 division IV bronze
Belgium Prosper Verpeaux 25-02-2004 22-05-2005 1 divison IV silver, 3 division IV bronzes
Germany Gottfried Eberius pc 22-05-2005 10-12-2006 2 division IV championships, 1 division IV silver
Hungary Salamon Zavadszky pc 10-12-2006 16-06-2008 1 division IV silver
Hungary Erik Almási pc 16-06-2008 28-12-2009 2 division IV championships, 1 division V championship, 1 division IV silver
Austria Benjamin Thoma pc 28-12-2009 03-12-2010 2 division III bronzes
Hungary Péter Liszek pc 03-12-2010 09-12-2010 coach of U-20 Magyarország (WC XV-XVI)
Czech Republic Leopold Charvát 09-12-2010 11-12-2010
Kyrgyzstan Baktybek Datka Uulu pc 11-12-2010 20-05-2012 1 division VI championship, 1 division V championship (together with Mónos)
Hungary Tamás Mónos 20-05-2012 16-09-2013 1 division V championship (together with Datka Uulu), 1 division IV championship, 1 division IV bronze
Italy Gianluigi Bonini 16-09-2013 30-03-2018
Hungary Emil Grofcsik pc 30-03-2018 06-05-2020
Peru Michell Matallana 06-05-2020 Present

pc denotes player-coaches

Notable Former Players

Hall of Fame

Country Name Induction Honours/Notes
Germany Gottfried Eberius 20-08-2007 multiple champion player-coach, 12 seasons with AFC Avas
Belgium François Desdemains-Hugon 04-01-2008 multiple champion, 15 seasons with AFC Avas
Hungary Salamon Zavadszky 16-06-2008 co-founder of club, later player-coach
Hungary László Lipták 08-10-2008 multiple champion, academy player, 19 seasons with AFC Avas
Latvia Vjaceslavs Bradins 28-01-2009 Tutor of a young defender generation
Hungary Robert Grecu 25-05-2009 multiple champion, academy player, 21 seasons with AFC Avas, all-time clean-sheet record holder
Hungary Zivojin Radjenovic 10-12-2009 academy player, later the curator of AFC Avas Museum
Hungary Erik Almási 15-04-2010 multiple champion and most successful coach
Hungary Levente Krámli 06-12-2010 academy player, 15 seasons with AFC Avas, multiple champion, oldest ever goalscorer in the history of the club (40 years and 83 days)
Hungary Lajos Sira 06-01-2012

Retired Shirt Numbers

No. Country In honour of/Dedicated to Honours/Notes
1 Hungary Robert Grecu Home grown goalkeeper fatihful to club, multiple champion, record holder
8 Germany Gottfried Eberius Legendary player & coach, multiple champion
9 Hungary László Lipták Home grown forward faithful to club, multiple champion, record holder
13 NA Superstition Considered as an unlucky number AFC Avas stop using it. Last worn by Erik Almási.
16 Belgium François Desdemains-Hugon multiple champion, 15 seasons with AFC Avas
23 Hungary Levente Krámli multiple champion, 15 seasons with AFC Avas, oldest goalscorer with 40 years and 83 days
83 Hungary Supporters Dedicated to the fans, number 83 was retired, which refers to the capacity of AvasarenA (83.049).


Club Trophies

Division V.PNG V.91 season 4 (H5/G20) Division V.PNG V.205 season 21 (H22/G37) Division VI.PNG VI.451 season 31 (H32/G47)
Division IV.PNG IV.20 season 10 (H11/G26) Division IV.PNG IV.12 season 22 (H23/G38) Division V.PNG V.44 season 32 (H33/G48)
Division IV.PNG IV.59 season 12 (H13/G28) Division IV.PNG IV.12 season 24 (H25/G40) Division IV.PNG IV.11 season 34 (H35/G50)

Player Awards

Official Awards

Official awards for top goalscorers in league, cup or Hattrick Masters competition.

Goldenboot V.gif V.91 season 4 (H5/G20) al-Badawi al-Muqri' Sweden 19 goals

Goldenboot IV.gif IV.20 season 5 (H6/G21) Yarok Marashov Latvia 11 goals

Goldenboot IV.gif IV.20 season 6 (H7/G22) al-Badawi al-Muqri' Sweden 15 goals

Goldenboot IV.gif IV.20 season 10 (H11/G26) Jürgen Waldinger Germany 21 goals

Goldenboot IV.gif IV.59 season 12 (H13/G28) Nándor László Hungary 26 goals

Goldenboot V.gif V.205 season 21 (H22/G37) András Pető Hungary 16 goals

Goldenboot IV.gif IV.12 season 23 (H24/G39) András Pető Hungary 12 goals

Goldenboot VI.gif VI.451 season 31 (H32/G47) Michell Matallana Peru 14 goals

Goldenboot IV.gif IV.11 season 37 (H38/G53) Márkó Boros Hungary 13 goals

Un-official/Club Awards

Main article: Un-official or Club Awards of AFC Avas

AFC Avas honours top performers with individual awards in each season. The club's top goalscorer get a Golden Shoe, while the best goalkeeper with the most clean sheets a Golden Glove. The best player with the most man of the match award get an AvasPress Player of the Year Award. Only competitive match performances count to the above three awards. The club also honours top home grown players based on supporters' voting. Highlander Trophy is awarded to the best player and Rising Star Award is awarded to the best player under the age of 20. The only criteria for nomination: the player have to be promoted from AFC Avas Academy.

Players with the most awards

Golden Shoe: 7 - András Pető Hungary

Golden Glove: 13 - Attila Szilágyi Hungary

AvasPress Player of the Year: 5 - András Pető Hungary

Highlander Trophy: 9 - Emil Grofcsik Hungary

Rising Star: 3 - Patrik Szekfű Hungary, József Sebők Hungary, István Tamási Hungary, János Gergely Hungary

Capped Players

Baktybek Datka Uulu Kyrgyzstan - 69 NT caps/2 goals, 13 U20 caps/1 goal
Erik Miatow Hungary - 1 NT cap/2 goals
Florinas Ursut Hungary - 1 U20 cap
Péter Liszek Hungary - U20 national team coach
Shakar Abzari Morocco - 15 U20 caps/1 goal
György Szűcs Hungary - 1 NT cap
Kevin Bogdán Hungary - 1 U20 cap

Statistics & Records

Main article: Statistics & Records of AFC Avas

Updated: 03-10-2012

Category Record/result
Match records
Biggest win 12-0
Biggest defeat 0-8 eight times
League records
Highest finishing position #3 in Division III two times
Lowest finishing position #1 in Division VI
Top of the league 136 weeks
Cup records
Most cup rounds 10 two times
Most home matches 4
Player records
Most matches played all-time 334 - Baktybek Datka Uulu Kyrgyzstan
Most goals all-time 159 - Erik Miatow Hungary
Most clean sheets all-time 99 - Robert Grecu Hungary
Most matches played in a season 30 - István Balázs Hungary x2
Most goals scored in a season 27 - Hugo Klangen Sweden
Most clean sheets in a season 14 - Robert Grecu Hungary, István Balázs Hungary
Most goals in a match 5 - Nándor László Hungary, Erik Miatow Hungary
Attendance records *
Highest average attendance 63.186
Lowest average attendance 24.671
Highest attendance in league 82.820
Highest attendance in cup 83.049 six times
Highest attendance on a friendly match 5.930
Transfer records
Highest fee paid 6.015.000 € - Milán Kádi Hungary from Brigada Pomorska F.C
Highest fee received 5.500.000 € - Tamás Gárdonyi Hungary to FC Hasselhoff

* League & cup records counted since stadium capacity is 83.049, Friendly records are all-time.

International Relations & Flags

AFC Avas visited and hosted many teams and countries in the world at senior and academy level. The senior team has visited all continents, but has never hosted opponents from Asia or Africa.

Hosted countries Visited countries
AFC Avas seniors
Morocco Andorra Argentina Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria

Canada Czech Republic Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Montenegro Wales Cyprus Denmark
Germany Ecuador Estonia El Salvador England Spain Faroe Islands France Guatemala South Korea
Greece Honduras Croatia India Indonesia Iran Republic of Ireland Iceland Israel Italy
Jamaica Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Latvia Luxembourg Liechtenstein Lithuania Lebanon Hungary
North Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mexico Moldova Netherlands Nigeria Japan Norway Northern Ireland
Oceania Austria Palestine Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Thailand
Romania Russia Georgia Switzerland Scotland Senegal Albania Singapore Slovenia Slovakia
South Africa Serbia Finland Syria Sweden Tunisia Turkey Ukraine Uruguay USA
Venezuela Vietnam

Jordan Andorra Argentina Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria

Canada Czech Republic Chile China Taiwan Colombia Costa Rica Montenegro Wales Cyprus
Denmark Germany Ecuador Estonia El Salvador England Spain Faroe Islands France Guatemala
South Korea Greece Honduras Hong Kong Croatia India Indonesia Iran Republic of Ireland Iceland
Israel Italy Jamaica Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Latvia Luxembourg Liechtenstein Lithuania
Hungary North Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mexico Egypt Moldova Netherlands Nigeria Japan
Norway Northern Ireland Oceania Austria Pakistan Palestine Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal Thailand Romania Russia Georgia Switzerland Scotland Senegal Albania
Singapore Slovenia Slovakia South Africa Serbia Finland Syria Sweden Tunisia Turkey
Ukraine Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam

AFC Avas academy
Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic China Denmark Germany England Spain France Indonesia

Iran Israel Italy Hungary Malta Netherlands Paraguay Poland Finland Turkey
Ukraine Venezuela

Argentina Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Czech Republic Chile Denmark Germany England Spain France

Italy Kenya Lithuania Hungary Malta Netherlands Austria Oceania Pakistan Poland
Romania Switzerland SerbiaFinland Turkey Venezuela

The team has/had players from the following countries (players with minimum of 1 match played at the club):

Country No. of players Still at club Country No. of players Still at club
Hungary 131 16 Portugal 3 -
Sweden 19 - Czech Republic 2 1
Germany 9 1 Romania 2 -
Belgium 6 - Turkey 2 -
England 6 - USA 2 -
Latvia 6 - Austria 1 1
Poland 6 - Bolivia 1 -
Switzerland 6 - Bulgaria 1 -
Netherlands 5 - Colombia 1 -
Norway 5 - Finland 1 -
Brazil 4 - Kyrgyzstan 1 1
Denmark 4 1 Morocco 1 -
Spain 4 - Peru 1 1
France 4 2 Russia 1 1
Italy 4 2 Serbia 1 1
Israel 3 - Uruguay 1 -
Oceania 3 - Venezuela 1 -

Interesting fact: in many seasons the first team played with a European & South-American forward duo. According to the manager of AFC Avas, that was unintended. The management have always been looked for the best player available on the transfer market and only one nationality is above the others due to economic reasons: Hungarian. The above noted striker pairs were:

Jürgen Waldinger Germany - Pedro Freitas Brazil
András Pető Hungary - David Albuquerque Bolivia
Mahir Baran Ot Turkey - David Albuquerque Bolivia
Valerio De Benetti Italy - Michell Matallana Peru
Márkó Boros Hungary - Michell Matallana Peru

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