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Liszi (formerly known as Licee, JHRBT-Licee, JHRBT-Liszi) is a Hungarian user, who joined Hattrick on the 13th of September 2002. His team is AFC Avas at Hattrick.

Liszi was working as a national team scout under the captaincies of helci and vzsot from July 2008 to April 2009. He rejoined the NT staff after his friend and supporter, Mod-mcatis won the elections for World Cup XVI. He was the defender chief-scout of NT Hungary in Hattrick seasons 44-45.

Liszi was running a joke election campaign for World Cup XII. He declined to be the national coach before the election process closed, but he still got 26 votes and finished 5th place. That election became memorable when four of the top five candidates declined to be the NT coach. Eventually helci won, because Hoopy_IG declined with the most votes.